Mission & Objectives

One of the main aims of the Study Group is to raise awareness of C. difficile infections in European hospitals. The anaerobe C. difficile is the aetiological agent of pseudomembranous colitis (PMC) and is also a major cause of antibiotic-associated diarrhoea.
The aims of the Study Group are centred around raising the profile of C. difficile infections, fostering collaboration in centres in different European countries and providing a forum for discussing and disseminating the information.

Initially the major aims are to:

  • Determine the prevalence of nosocomial C. difficile infections in European hospitals.
  • See if it feasible to adopt a standardised PCR ribotyping method.
  • Compare the types of C. difficile prevalent in European hospitals.
  • Provide surveillance on the antimicrobial susceptibility of European strains of C. difficile.
  • Draw up European guidelines on the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and surveillance of C. difficile infections.