Mission & Objectives

Infectious diseases of the brain are life threatening diseases; this is particularly true for encephalitis and meningitis, the most common serious manifestation of infection of the brain that often have a disastrous outcome. A significant fraction of emerging pathogens present as a neurological infection. Guidelines are needed for an improvement of medical as well as microbiological management. Physicians are not aware enough about long term sequelae and so there is an unmet need for educational programs. The group has for aim to support research (clinical as well as microbiological), to provide guidelines and educational programmes.

The objective of ESGIB is to promote and disseminate studies and knowledge on Infectious Diseases of the Brain. A multidisciplinary approach is necessary including scientists from clinical and molecular microbiology, neurology and infectious diseases. It is, therefore, the objective of the ESGIB to facilitate cooperation between these disciplines.

The inaugural meeting of the Study Group will be held at ECCMID 2013 in Berlin.

Historically, the group was founded 2007 as “ESCMID Meningitis Study Group” (EMESG), expanding in 2013 to cover all infectious diseases of the brain.