Study Group Membership Benefits

Study Group membership is free and open to all ESCMID members who are interested in the specific field(s) regardless of the level of experience or profession. It is not neccesary to be a current reseracher or physician to join and trainees are encouraged to join to expand their network. ESCMID members can also join more than one Study Group if they have interest in multiple areas of clinical microbiology and infectious diseases. 


Study Group membership in general includes the following benefits:


  • Exclusive Grants for SG members
  • Ability to propose scientific sessions for ECCMID
  • Active involvement in the planning and running of ESCMID educational activities
  • Funding opportunites for research projects
  • Regular newsletters outlining research opportunities and upcoming events
  • Access to a network of professionals for collaboration and consultation
  • Invitation to the annual Business Meetings to meet colleagues and discuss the future of the SG
  • Candidacy and voting rights in SG elections
  • Leadership opportunities to shape the future of ESCMID and its Study Groups


Plus other additional benefits depending on the individual Study Group including monthly webinars, attendance grants and more.


Not an ESCMID member yet? Then please check the ESCMID member benefits and fees and apply. You can apply for Study Group membership during the same process.


Are you an ESCMID member, then please log in to get access to the Study Group membership application form.