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About the TAE

The TAE is a group of trainees and specialists from different countries in Europe that finished their training less than three years ago. We now have 6 members from both Clinical Microbiology (CM) and Infectious Diseases (ID). From all countries in Europe representatives for both specialties are recruited to form a large network of young enthusiastic people to organize activities for that same group under the wings of the ESCMID.

What does the TAE do?

One of the goals of the TAE is to take training in CM and ID to new heights. By using international resources we can discuss optimal training programmes, have international trainee courses with respected speakers and learn from each others’ regional specialties.
By creating a large network of young professionals in CM and ID, a door is opened for better trans-european collaboration and effective use of resources.


  • To improve collaboration of CM and ID trainees across Europe and form a European network of CM and ID trainees.
  • To encourage the formation of national societies of CM and ID trainees and facilitate communication and collaboration between these societies.
  • To work on harmonizing the content and quality of CM and ID training across Europe.
  • To provide the opportunity to closely observe and participate in the activities of local CM/ID trainees.
  • To provide additional medical training for Clinical Microbiologists (CM) and Infectious Diseases (ID) trainees, preferably exploiting local experience.
  • To provide training in research methodology.

In 2017 the term of three of the TAE Steering Committee (TAE SC) members will end. The resulting vacancies for a three-year term (2017-2020) are to be filled with three new members (one in clinical microbiology and two in infectious diseases) who will be elected in autumn 2016. The call for candidates is open until Monday, 19 September 2016, 12.00 noon CET.

Like to get involved?

Are you a trainee in CM or ID or have you finished your specialization of CM/ID less than three years ago? Would you like to join as a representative for your country? Don’t hesitate to contact one of the representatives of the Steering Committee.

Download the flyer as a pdf file