Who we are

The Trainees Association of ESCMID (TAE) is a group of young professionals in clinical microbiology (CM) and infectious diseases (ID) organised under the support of ESCMID.

TAE Collaborations

To better achieve our aims and objectives, TAE collaborates regularly with the young sections of other international scientific societies and medical organisations.


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Join us

Are you a trainee in infectious diseases or clinical microbiology? Do you want to join the Trainee Association of ESCMID? Then click here to become an ESCMID Young Scientist Member and enjoy all the benefits we offer.

TAE Steering Committee elections

In 2020 we are looking for new TAE Steering Committee (TAE SC) members with a background in Infectious Diseases.


The TAE Day offers great chances for young professionals to learn about various options in their lives, to think about possibilities that never crossed their minds before, and to get inspiration from experts who were once in the same position at the crossroads of their career path.

TAE Outstanding Trainee Awards

The TAE Awards for Training Achievements is intended to recognize and reward outstanding trainees in Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases.