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ESCMID Parity Commission

The ESCMID Parity Commission (EPC) was founded to review and improve the representation of minorities and gender as well as geographic balance in the fields of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases.

About the Parity Commission

The aim of the Parity Commission is: 1.) to improve gender representation and geographic balance within ESCMID and related educational activities 2.) to tutor young ...

Latest news

ESCMID is happy to announce an open call for an ESCMID Parity Commission Member position. We are seeking an Advocate for Geographic Balance and ...

Parity Survey

In 2011, ESCMID conducted an online survey on discrimination regarding gender, minorities and geographic areas among CM and ID specialists in their employment and ...


Issued by the ESCMID Parity Commission

The Parity Commission has drawn up this guidance document in order to improve the balance of all ESCMID-related ...

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