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Institution / Company

Description of the department/institution and profile of competence

Head(s) of Department(s)

Address of institution

Outline briefly what a visitor can expect from a one-day, up to one-week and up to one-month visit to the department(s) (ESCMID Observership programme)

Contact person at centre (professional issues)

Contact person at centre (administrative issues)

Staff, total no.

Accept observers with the following languages

First language and other languages spoken by one or several of staff

Details about ID department

Number of samples per year in microbiological services

Main services (diagnostic)

Which department/unit/lab can accommodate observer for one day or more?

Research interests of the department

Epidemiological characteristics of the area

For the ESCMID Observership programme, our department is willing to accept an ESCMID member for (if all alternatives are possible, tick all boxes):

up to 1 week up to 1 month

It is understood that all costs are borne by the visitor, including insurances needed by the visitor. The visitor may apply for an ESCMID Observership to help towards travel costs and subsistence. [more]

**Other, such as non-medical staff, technical staff

Outline of accommodation facilities

List a few youth hostels and/or hotels

Directions to the institutions

Picture of institution/hospital

Picture of clinic

Evaluation & Reports by previous Observers

There is no evaluation available yet.

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