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ESCMID Collaborative Centres (ECCs) and Observerships

Observerships are funded opportunities for members to spend one day to one month at an ESCMID Collaborative Centre. These are ID and/or CM centres of excellence in Europe of which there are now over 100.

About Collaborative Centres (ECCs)

The ECCs are clinical microbiology and/or infectious disease centres of excellence in Europe and beyond. They attract and welcome ESCMID members from abroad to ...

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To sign up your institute for ESCMID Collaborative Centre status, apply anytime using this application form. Registration is free.

About Observerships

To facilitate international training and collaboration, we encourage our members to visit ESCMID Collaborative Centres (most often departments of infectious diseases and/or clinical microbiology) in other countries for one day to one month under the auspices of ESCMID.

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Full and young scientist members can apply online throughout the year for an ESCMID Observership visit.

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