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Profession & Career

Find offerings to further your career and professional development, such as awards, grants and fellowships, educational courses, jobs and other information & services.

Awards & Grants

We offer support for research projects, various merit-based awards, and support for visiting ECCMID or other educational events.

Observerships & Collaborative Centres

You can apply for funded and non-funded observerships by searching your ECC you want to apply for.

Educational activities

ESCMID strongly supports individuals active in the field of clinical microbiology and infectious diseases with their postgraduate and continuing medical education (CME). You can ...

Parity Commission

The ESCMID Parity Commission (EPC) was founded to review and improve the representation of minorities and gender as well as geographic balance in the fields ...

Speciality training (UEMS)

UEMS has published training curricula for clinical microbiologists and infectious diseases specialists to serve as models for national training curricula in these specialties. They ...

ESCMID Visiting Professorship Programme (VPP)

ESCMID is endorsing visiting professors or experts being invited to give talks, share experiences or provide advice by local institutions. While ESCMID is not ...

Jobs in CM & ID

Find training, research and job opportunities in clinical microbiology and infectious diseases. For CVs/profiles please scroll down.

Jobs & Training