About the TAE

Founded in 2009, the Trainee Association of ESCMID aims to improve the training in Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases and create a large network of trainees to facilitate collaboration.


  • To represent the interests of ESCMID Young Scientist Members
  • To facilitate and promote international collaboration and effective use of resources by developing a large network of young professionals
  • To improve training in CM and ID by recognising challenges and facilitating solutions to overcome these challenges in Europe and across the world
  • To generate a broad and inter-related collaboration of CM and ID trainees across the world by using a regional and worldwide network of CM and ID trainees
  • To promote observerships, mentorships and other opportunities for young professionals across Europe and beyond European borders
  • To be actively involved in discussions about harmonised content and quality of CM and ID training and European curricula across Europe via consultation with UEMS and national societies
  • To promote ESCMID exchange programmes during the undergraduate study period
  • To acknowledge and reward outstanding ESCMID Young Scientist Members
  • To improve and assist European CM and ID trainees’ scientific education by promoting educational

TAE Membership

Any ESCMID Young Scientist Member shall be a member of the TAE and can participate in the TAE activities. Please make sure to tick the box for "TAE Newsletter" to stay updated about the TAE activities.

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