ESCMID Non-funded Observerships

Applications are open to members of all ages and are open for applications the whole year.



To facilitate international training and collaboration, we encourage our (Full or Young Scientist) members to visit ESCMID Collaborative Centres (most often departments of infectious diseases and/or clinical microbiology) in other countries from five days to one month under the auspices of ESCMID. The Observerships should primarily focus on good clinical and laboratory practice rather than on research activities. Observers should use the observership to make improvements in their home institute (e.g. implementation of a lab technique).


The possible observer chose an ECC of his preference at the link below, submits the requested information. The ECC will reply in due time if the request is accepted/declined or if more information from the observer is needed. When applying for an unfunded observership, please select a time minimum 3 months prior your planned visit.


A detailed description of the ESCMID ECC profiles can be found here:

ECC profiles 

Eligibility criteria

  • must be an ESCMID Full Member or ESCMID Young Scientist Member
  • applications can be submitted throughout the year
  • must submit their CV when applying
  • must submit a proof of current position when applying
  • must give an objective and rationale for chosing the ECC
  • application can be either intra-European or from outside Europe visiting an ECC in Europe
  • Applicants who require a visa to visit the ECC country must take this into consideration when applying and choose dates that provide enough time to obtain a visa before the intended visit. ESCMID nor the ECC can guarantee flexibility in changing visit dates should a visa take longer. It is the applicant`s responsibility to ensure that there is enough time to organise their travel and visa (if applicable) before the planned visit.

Selection criteria

After the visit, the Observer will be required to complete the official evaluation forms including a report to be published on the ESCMID Collaborative Centre website or in other ESCMID publications (including the name of Observers).