ESCMID Visiting Professorship Programme (VPP)

ESCMID is endorsing visiting professors or experts being invited to give talks, share experiences or provide advice by local institutions. While ESCMID is not funding the visit (with the potential exception of institutions from low-income countries), a certificate of ESCMID endorsement will be provided to the inviting institution and the invited professor or expert.


Endorsement by ESCMID will be provided if approved by the Executive Committee after submitting a proposal specifying the objective(s) of the visit and the added value for the local institution as a result of the activity.



Definition: an expert in Infectious Diseases, Clinical Microbiology and/or Infection Control whose scientific contribution is internationally recognised. Also considered are specialist researchers that have recently introduced breakthrough innovations. Age and career stage are not criteria of selection, nor a title as Professor. The inviting institute and the visitor should be from different countries.


An official approval and invitation letter can be forwarded by ESCMID when an expert member of the Society is invited by an Institution. Eligible Institutions can be:


  • Public hospitals
  • University hospitals
  • Private hospitals
  • Public laboratories
  • University hospital laboratories
  • Private laboratories
  • Institutions dealing with public health


ESCMID will not cover any costs for such stays.


In the case of institutions from low-income countries (according to the definition of the World Bank), funds for covering part of the costs of such visits may be considered only in the case of visits considered to be of high importance for science development and/or the diagnosis, management of prevention of infections in the hosting country. In such cases the ESCMID Executive Committee will decide if (and to what extent) travel costs or accommodation expenses will be covered, upon request of the hosting institution. The proposal should include a CV of the expert, a letter from the director of the hosting institution and a justification of the importance of the visit for the local institution/country. Application details must be sent at the latest 6 months prior the visit.


Currently, the institutions from the following countries can for partial travel/accommodation support of this kind of visit:
(as of World Bank classification from September 2023)
Burkina FasoGuinea-BissauSierra Leone
BurundiKorea, Dem. People's Rep.Somalia
Central African RepublicLiberiaSouth Sudan
ChadMadagascarSyrian Arab Republic
Congo, Dem. RepMalawiTogo
EthiopiaMozambiqueYemen, Rep.
Gambia, TheNiger 

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