TAE Outstanding Trainee Award

The nomination phase for TAE Outstanding Trainee Awards 2023 is now closed.



The TAE Outstanding Trainee Award is intended to recognize and reward multi-skilled trainees with extracurricular activities in teaching, networking and collaboration for trainees in clinical microbiology (CM) and infectious diseases (ID).


The TAE Outstanding Trainee Award will be presented during the ESCMID annual congress and includes:

  • A non-restricted prize money of EUR 1,000
  • ECCMID 2023 travel and registration
  • Summer School 2023 travel, registration and accommodation

Reimbursement of registration fee and travel expenses will take place after the event upon proof of attendance and proof of expenses paid, e.g. boarding cards, tickets, receipts and registration fees.

We will select a maximum of two awardees, one in clinical microbiology and one in infectious disease specialties. The award ceremony will take place during TAE Day at the 33rd ECCMID, in Copenhagen, 2023.

Eligibility criteria

  • The applicant must be an ESCMID member in good standing and should be an ESCMID Young Scientist Member (35-years-of-age or younger or under 40 years-of-age if still in training).
  • The applicant must provide one letter of support by people familiar with his/her work, e.g. a superior, staff member, head of department.
  • The applicant must be registered in an accredited training program which leads to specialization in clinical/medical microbiology, infectious diseases or other closely related specialties/subspecialties (proof of training status is necessary). A list of closely related specialities/subspecialities can be found here.
  • Applicants for the award must be half or full-time trainees. Full time PhD students and consultant re-training in CM or ID are not eligible.
  • Members of the ESCMID Executive Committee as well as current and former TAE Steering Committee are not eligible.

What you need for the nomination


     ●       A letter of support,

     ●       A single pdf file, containing:

          1) CV: needs to be concise with a focus on aspects relevant to the expected achievements:
                a) national and international teaching experience
                b) national and international networking efforts       
                c) national and international collaborations
                d) research activities/ publications in peer-reviewed journals
                e) other outstanding achievements (humanitarian work etc.)
                f) needs to be not more than five pages in total

          2) Proof of the applicants age (passport or national ID card)

          3) Proof of training status

          4) Personal statement (maximum 150 words)



      All documentation is to be submitted electronically (no hard copies required). When submitting, please have both documents ready, and make sure you have uploaded the correct documents. You cannot make any changes to any part of your nomination once the deadline has expired. Please note that incomplete applications will not be considered.

Examples of expected outstanding achievements

Candidates are encouraged if they meet any of the following criteria:


  • Investing in educating others is considered more important than personal educational activities and number of publications in peer-reviewed journals
  • Constant improvement of their personal education, including courses outside the (standard) curriculum
  • Spending a period of their training in another country (international education)
  • Participation in project(s) for the improvement of educational training programs within their discipline locally, nationally or internationally, international activities are considered more important than national achievments
  • Involvement in project(s) and activities such as teaching or research involving more than one institution nationally and/or internationally
  • Involvement and collective responsibilities in networks, associations and/or organizations at a national or international level
  • Using knowledge to benefit those outsides of medicine, e.g. humanitarian or charity work


Application will be open from 17 August until 12 October 2022 17:00 CEST