ESCMID Membership Counsellor (EMeC)


ESCMID strives continuously to increase the transparency in its procedures and involvement of members, external partners and employees, and to take their input into consideration. To this aim, ESCMID has established the position of ESCMID Membership Counsellor (EMeC), a contact person for all ESCMID affiliates. The Counsellor, a two-year appointed ad hoc Executive Committee Member, represents an additional conduit by which the ESCMID community may discuss ideas, problems and issues within the Society. In particular, he/she offers:

  • fair and informal assistance in case of concerns and complaints raised by members and partners of the Society;

  • mediation in case of conflict circumstances between affiliates of the Society;

  • neutral and constructive feedback to resolve ESCMID internal disputes

Importantly, the EMeC works as a neutral person and he/she does not have any other role in the management of the Society. To find out more about the ESCMID Operating Procedures for EMeC please click here

We welcome you to request the help of EMeC by reporting your issue to the dedicated email address counsellor[at]

Please be advised that the EMeC will offer assistance only to members and partners who provide a full identification and possess a valid ESCMID membership.