ESCMID Code of Conduct

European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ESCMID) is one of the leading scientific and professional organizations for clinical microbiology and infectious diseases. The Society assigns great importance to ethical behaviour and unquestionable integrity as well as responsibility for the interests of its members, officers and employees.

The Society’s officers, employees and members are key to ESCMID’s long-term success and reputation. This is guaranteed by all ESCMID representatives showing respect for each other and creating a basis on which value can be generated for our stakeholders.

The Code of Conduct outlines how the Society can maintain its high standard of ethical conduct and how it complies with laws, binding standards and internal policies. The Code of Conduct provides guidance on what principles representatives should base their decisions. It also creates a culture of trust where officers and employees feel comfortable raising any issues that may arise.

The ESCMID Executive Committee unreservedly endorses this Code of Conduct and its implementation. We are counting on you to commit and adhere to the principles laid out in the ESCMID Code of Conduct.

ESCMID Executive Committee