Our vision

ESCMID is strongly committed to increase efforts towards the transparent and rigorous production of guidance documents in the field of infectious diseases, clinical microbiology and infection control.


To achieve this goal the Society aims to:
•    Select cutting edge topics
•    Apply a sound, independent, and rigorous methodology
•    Ensure a global perspective
•    Apply strict procedures for the evidence appraisal and data extraction from a dedicated ESCMID group of trained young ESCMID members  
•    Apply a strict meritocratic process to select members of the guidelines' drafting groups
•    Strictly monitor of conflicts of interest of panel members

The development of the ESCMID guidelines is supported by the ESCMID Guideline Subcommittee and the ESCMID Evidence Review Group.

Position Address

Guidelines Director

Azienda Ospedaliero-Universitaria di Bologna
Research and Innovation Unit

Via Pietro Albertoni 15

40138 Bologna

Guidelines Officer

Prof. Jose Ramon PANO-PARDO
Hospital Clínico Universitario Zaragoza
Infectious Diseases

Avenida San Juan Bosco 15

50009 Zaragoza

ESCMID manual for clinical practice guidelines and other guidance documents

Details on the new operational procedures for the guidelines development are reported in the "ESCMID manual for clinical practice guidelines and other guidance documents".


The current document is the third version of the manual, which has been issued on 8 April 2022.


Main aims of the document are: 1) to underscore the ESCMID principles in developing guidance documents; 2) to provide guidance on the guideline development process, including when operating with other professional Societies; 3) to highlight differences between clinical practice guidelines and other types of guidance


It is strongly suggested that ESCMID members participating to the development of guidance documents familiarize themselves with the details in this document.


For further information please write to guidancedocuments[at]escmid.org