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Available here is a literature review presentation by Gabriel Birgand, summarising the current literature in Infection Prevention and Control in COVID-19

Summaries of relevant recent literature

As part of the EUCIC, we are providing slides summarizing recently published articles on various topics in the field of infection control. 


Gabriel Birgand, as one of our two EUCIC communication officers, is responsible for these literature summaries. Gabriel is a pharmacist specialised in infection control. He works part time as a Research Associate at the HPRU, NIHR with Prof. Alison Holmes, and part time coordinating infection control in the West of France. His topics of interest are the prevention of surgical site infection, the assessment of measures to control the spread of multidrug-resistant organisms, and infection control in general.


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Gabriel Birgand summarized a couple of note-worthy papers recently published on the topic of Infection Prevention and control. 

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Have a look at a day-by-day summary on infection control topics presented at ECCMID2018 in Madrid! 


Gabriel Birgand summarized a couple of note-worthy papers recently published on the topic of healthcare-associated infections. 

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08 February 2018

No-touch disinfection methods to reduce infections with MDR organisms

This month features the results of a systematic review performed by Marra et al on the subject of no-touch disinfection methods to reduce the risk of infection by multidrug-resistant infections.


Gabriel Birgand has summarized the publication into 12 slides which can be found here


This month, a selection of articles related to infection control in intensive care units highlights important findings on:

  • The epidemiology of multidrug-resistant Enterobacteriaceae, Staphylococcus aureus and Acinetobacter baumannii
  • Intervention to prevent catheter-associated infections
  • Understanding the physiopathology of ventilator associated pneumonia and improvement of practices


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Gabriel Brigand provides another excellent update on the topic of OR head covering and the risk of SSIs.

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Gabriel Brigand nicely summarized the paper entitled "Network of microbial and antibiotic interactions drive colonization and infection with multidrug-resistant organisms" published by Wang et al.

To access the summary, please have a look at the following file

For the full publication, please refer to PNAS 2017;114 (39):10467-10472.