The EUCIC observership programme runs completely independent from ESCMID observership programme. If you are interested in the ESCMID observership programme please use the following link:

1. EUCIC Observership Centers

EUCIC students can apply for an observership in infection control to the EUCIC Training and Excellence Centers providing observerships.


The minimum period for the EUCIC observership is 2-weeks and might substitute the participation to one local module.


The list of centers, description of the specific training and language of the training they provide is available here: EUCIC and ECC.


To apply the trainee should contact the center directly by email and send a confirmation letter from the center to the EUCIC office to eminealpmese[at]


At the end of the observership the student will send certification of successful completion of the observership received from the center to the office.


2. EUCIC Training Center

The center can apply to be a EUCIC training center for observerships at

To apply the center should provide a description of training offered to the EUCIC students in a minimum of a 2-week period.

The center will be contacted directly by the student. If the center approves the observer they should inform the EUCIC office and the student and provide a training certification at the end of the training.

For a 2-week observership EUCIC will contribute €500 to the center per trainee.