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The ESCMID Medical Guidelines Portfolio is currently under the wing of ESCMID Guidelines Director: Dr. Luigia Scudeller, Milano, Italy

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Public consultation phase for the "ESCMID manual for clinical practice guidelines and other guidance documents"

The first version of the "ESCMID manual for clinical practice guidelines and other guidance documents" was issued on September 15h 2019, as a result of the concerted efforts of ESCMID Guideline Subcommitee members.

The document is publicly available here [link].

The ESCMID guidelines Subcommitte is now planning to update the document, and is calling ESCMID members to participate into the revision with a public consultation phase.

This document has two major aims:

(1) an outline of ways ESCMID guidelines can be proposed and developed;

(2) a guide for drafting group chairs and members for the guideline development process.

The ESCMID members wishing to comment on the manuscript need to express their commitment following this link to receive the form to provide comments.

The deadline for providing feedbacks and comments on the manuscript is 16th February 2020.

Your comments will be taken in great consideration by the ESCMID Guidelines Subcommittee when updating the document; please note that the new version of the manual will be only issued after approval by ESCMID EC.

If you have any questions, please address them to guidancedocuments[at]

ESCMID is currently looking to select 2 members who will join the Guidelines Subcommittee (GLS). The GLS works with the Clinical Guidelines Director to implement ESCMID’s clinical guidelines (GL) programme.


Ideally, the new GLS members would be a professional in the field of clinical microbiology or infectious diseases and have also experience in GL development. 

Interested candidates may refer to the formal call for detailed information on eligibility.

Qualified applicants are invited to send their CV and a cover letter (max. 2 pages) stating their motivation, qualifications, experience and publication record to guidancedocuments[at] before January, 20th 2020.


For more information about the position before applying, please contact ESCMID’s Clinical Guidelines Director Luigia Scudeller (luigia.scudeller[at] 

Following the recent call for clinical practice guidelines projects, ESCMID is currently seeking candidates willing to serve on the panel(s) which will develop the clinical practice guideline(s) for the funded project(s):

1. Antibiotic surgical prophylaxis regimens among patients colonised with MDR-GNB and MDR-GPB submitted (Chair: Dr. N. Mutters, from Freiburg, Germany).
2. Antimicrobial stewardship in the Emergency department (Chair: Dr. J. Schouten, Nijmegen, The Netherlands).
3. Influenza Management and Treatment (Chair: Dr. B.Rath, Berlin, Germany).

Key functions
Panel members will participate in the development of the guidance document, which include the following tasks:
•    Revision of the protocol for the guideline project;
•    Development of PICOs, with definition of the specific scope and focus of the guideline;
•    Assessment of systematic reviews and related literature;
•    Application of evidence-to-recommendation framework to issue specific recommendations;
•    Revision of the manuscript, taking responsibility for its content.

The panel will also provide progress reports to the Guidelines Subcommittee and the Guidelines Director on a regular basis.
It is expected that the panel will take approximately two years to complete its work.
Qualifications and requirements
The ideal size of the panel should be around 9-15 members from different (predominantly European) countries. Of these, 3 to 5 members will be selected by this open call for each project. Experts will not be eligible to be part of a guideline panel if they are already members of the panel of two or more additional guidelines.

Background or expertise in the chosen topic, and in one or more of the following areas would be desirable:
•    Knowledge and demonstrated experience in evidence-base medicine;
•    Experience in using systematic review methods;
•    Experience in using the GRADE approach in GL development.

ESCMID has a clear policy on Conflict of Interest (CoI) of guideline panel members. Please refer to the Guidelines manual for details. The drafting group shall include no more than 50% of members with direct or indirect financial CoI. The statement will be asked from all guideline panel members. Applicants are therefore asked to file their CoI statement together with their application (ESCMID template can be found at the following link).

The panel should include both specialists in the narrow field under discussion, and people with a wider perspective. Gender, country and, whenever applicable, clinical specialty balance should be ensured.
All panel members will be asked to Complete the online training on the GRADE approach (8 videos) available to ESCMID members in ESCMID website.

Interested and qualified individuals are invited to send their CV together with a cover letter (max. 2 pages) indicating the chosen topic, and stating their motivation, qualifications, expertise and experience (including list of 10 most relevant publications) to guidancedocuments[at] before January 20th 2020.
The Guidelines Subcommittee will review and select candidates’ applications; the final appointment will be made by the ESCMID Executive Committee.

Online course

The minimum requirement for all drafting panel members is to complete the online training from McMaster University on the GRADE approach (8 videos) available ...

ESCMID medical guidelines

Relevant practice guidelines in the fields of clinical microbiology and infectious diseases written or endorsed by ESCMID.

Guidelines endorsed by ESCMID


Diagnosis of spondylodiscitis (SD) may be challenging due to the nonspecific clinical and laboratory findings and the need to perform various diagnostic tests ...

Jointly developed guidelines

For a complete list of medical guideline publications in 2017, please have a look at the Publications Page.

ESCMID consensus statements

These documents provide a consensus view by experts based on their knowledge of the scientific literature and research data that support the conclusions and recommendations of the report.

Other guidelines

Relevant practice guidelines in the fields of clinical microbiology and infectious diseases from other societies and organisations.

Do you need funding for guideline production?

Detailed guidance is provided in the ESCMID Operating Procedures for Medical Guidelines.

EOPs for Medical Guidelines