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December 2012

Dear Colleague,
Here is another newsletter from ESGVH reporting on several important issues that have arisen in the past months.

Apply for the ESGVH Executive Committee

The current executive committee (EC) has been in place for 4 years and it is time for new candidates to join the committee. At ECCMID 2013 a new ESGVH board will be installed. As an active member of ESGVH, you are invited, if interested, to apply for one of the three positions (president, secretary or treasurer) on the board and put forth your preference if you want to do so. Anyone interested in becoming a member of the EC please contact the current EC members.

Current EC members

Renew your ESGVH Membership now – become more active in ESCMID!

A new SG Membership Management System is in place. We kindly ask you to re-apply for your membership to ESGVH (ESGVH membership link). This will take only a few minutes and to be able to apply for a position in the board, you will have to renew your application to the study group.

ESGVH corporate membership

ESCMID has recently decided to abandon the possibility of corporate membership of study groups. However, personnel of pharma companies are allowed to join the ESGVH on an individual basis. Furthermore, support of individual study group projects is still possible for pharma-companies by giving out unrestricted grants.

Research projects

  1. A project was proposed on collecting data on and investigating HIV/ HBV coinfected patients treated with tenofovir (TDF) with low level HBV viraemia. ESGVH will establish a scientific board and write a grant application to ESCMID for funding.
  2. Another project was proposed to create a validated biobank of serial samples from patients with proven HEV infection, to act as material for testing and validation of anti-HEV EIAs. ESGVH members who would like to be involved please contact to one of the board members.


ESGVH @ ECCMID 2013 in Berlin, DE

  • Educational Workshop "Current challenges in the management of viral hepatitis"
    Co-organisers: ESGVH, ESGICH
    Therapeutic strategies for chronic hepatitis B in countries with limited resources
    New direct-active antiviral agents for hepatitis C virus infection in previous treatment failure patients
    HBsAg-positive patients and rituximab treatment (interactive case study)
    Hepatitis B virus infection and pregnant women (interactive case study)
  • Symposium "The revolving alphabet soup of hepatitis viral infections"
    Co-organisers: EPASG, ESGVH
    Prevention and management of Hepatitis B in the immunocompromised host
    Hepatitis C drug therapy - present and future
    Special problems: hepatitis C drug therapy in cirrhosis and liver transplantation
    Hepatitis E chronic infections in immunocompromised hosts
  • ESGVH Business Meeting (date and time to be announced)
    All interested persons are cordially invited to join the meeting and plan future ESGVH activities.

For more details, please check the ECCMID programme.

ECCMID programme

Planned meetings

International meeting on “Management of acute C hepatitis”

ESGVH is still busy planning an international meeting on the management of acute C hepatitis which will take place in the Netherlands in the fall of 2013. Prof Hoepelman and Dr J.E. Arends are organising this meeting.

New Postgraduate Education Course in planning stage

ESGVH is planning to organise a new postgraduate education course for which a programme is drafted and which will be organised by Prof M. Puoti, Dr V. Ghisetti and Prof H. Leblebicioglu.

Thank you for your interest in ESGVH. We hope to see you in Berlin next year (April 2013).

Do no hesitate to join us at the ESGVH business meeting that will be held during the next ECCMID to exchange ideas, propose new activities and meet the ESGVH executive committee.

Best regards,

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