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1 February 2014

Dear Colleague,
Time is flying and I am pleased to highlight the new website "New life for old antibiotics" and the related conference scheduled for this October plus EPASG activities at ECCMID 2014. Besides, this newsletter reports about several exciting EPASG and related PK/PD projects accomplished during the very busy year 2013.


Highlights 2014

New EPASG website "New life for old antibiotics" launched

This comprehensive resource on old antibiotics provides information on

  • Current knowledge of old revived antibiotics regarding PK/PD, dosing, emergence of resistance
  • Knowledge gaps and current research activities
  • Regulatory aspects and inventory of outdated dosing regimens, analysis of Summary of Product Characteristics (SPCs)
  • Regularly updated new knowledge, especially from the FP7 AIDA project on "Old antibiotics for the future"

ESCMID Conference on Reviving Old Antibiotics, 22 - 24 October 2014, Vienna

Save this date! It will be a great opportunity to present, share, discuss, and learn about improved usage of everyday and last-resort antibiotics. Check the conference website for programme information and registration.



Our website lists all sessions co-organised with EPASG.

Do not miss our EPASG Business Meeting there. Join us and be part of all activities and collaborations.


Publications and presentations

  • J. Roberts, M. H. A.l Aziz, J. Lipman, J. Mouton, A. A Vinks, T. W. Felton, W. Hope, L. Pagani, G. Drusano, J. L. Kuti , U. Theuretzbacher on behalf of EPASG and ISAP. Challenges and Potential Solutions: Bedside Antibiotic Dosing for Critically Ill Patients. Submitted for publication to Lancet Inf Dis
  • U. Theuretzbacher: Product information for parenteral colistin varies substantially across Europe. Submitted for publication to JAC (this study was funded by a Study Group Research Grant of ESCMID)
  • U. Theuretzbacher, W. Couet, H. Derendorf, J. Roberts, J. Mouton on behalf of EPASG and ISAP. Debate letter. Protein Binding. Submitted for publication to JAC
  • R.L. Nation, J. Li, O. Cars, W. Couet, M.N. Dudley, K.S. Kaye, J.W. Mouton, D.L. Paterson, V.H. Tam, U. Theuretzbacher, B.T. Tsuji, J.D. Turnidge: The Prato Polymyxin Consensus: Recommendations arising from the 1st International Conference on Polymyxins. Submitted for publication to Clin Infect Dis
  • Presentations available online from the 1st International Conference on Polymyxins, 2 - 4 May 2013, Prato, Italy; EPASG was co-organiser and ESCMID supported this meeting with attendance grants
  • R.L. Nation, J. Li, O. Cars, W. Couet, M.N. Dudley, K.S. Kaye, J.W. Mouton, D.L. Paterson, V.H. Tam, U. Theuretzbacher, B.T. Tsuji, J.D. Turnidge: Consistent global approach on reporting of colistin doses to promote safe and effective use. Clin Infect Dis. 2014 Jan;58(1):139-41

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To request more in-depth information or to discuss our work, please contact us directly. We appreciate any comments, suggestions, and contributions! Share with us ideas for new projects and help growing the PK/PD community in Europe and beyond!

The EPASG Executive Committee

Ursula Theuretzbacher (Chairperson)
Jürgen Bulitta (Secretary)
Françoise Van Bambeke (Treasurer)

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