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ESGS Annual Report

Download the latest Annual Report.

News & Activities

2021 Annual Report Published

The Annual Report showcasing the achievements of the previous year is now available to view. Be sure to check out the report to see what the Study Group was able to accomplish in 2021 as well as what they plan for the future.

ESGS Executive Committee elected

Following the closure of the elections the new ESGS Executive Committee will be:

  • Chairperson: Jodi Lindsay, United Kingdom
  • Secretary: Marc Stegger, Denmark
  • Science Officer: François Vandenesch, France
  • Treasurer: Barbara Kahl, Germany

We thank all previous Executive Committee members for their excellent work over the last years. We are looking forward to continuing this work.

You can find the full election report here

ESCMID Postgraduate Education Course

Update on Endocarditis and Endovascular Infections

Co-organised by ESGBIES, ESGIAI and ESGS

20 – 23 March 2018, Münster, Germany

Course Objectives: to provide to postgraduate microbiologists and infectious disease physicians an updated overview of: the pathogenesis of intravascular infections including infective endocarditis (IE) and cardiovascular implantable; electronic device (CIED) infections caused especially by staphylococci and some other pathogens (e.g. Coxiella burnetii); epidemiology; improvement of diagnostic clinical and microbiological procedures; the best imaging techniques for IE and blood stream infections; optimized antimicrobial therapy; antibiotic prophylaxis for IE; choosing the right animal model for research.


Course material in the ESCMID eLibrary

New ESCMID Study Group

ESGS is an ESCMID Study Group, with activities in the field of staphylococci and staphylococcal diseases. .

Objectives of ESGS


First plans:
  • Organise specific session(s) at ECCMID and joint sessions with other Study Groups, e.g. ESGBIS, ESGEM, ESGARS
  • Participate and assist in the organisation of ESCMID Postgraduate Technical Workshops
  • Organise External Quality Assessments (EQA) programs for national reference laboratories regarding identification, typing, antimicrobial susceptibility testing and determination of virulence factors of staphylococci.
  • Organise multicentric studies aiming at monitoring resistance, virulence or clone dissemination at the European level
  • Prepare review papers on selected topics in which the multinational contribution would strengthen the validity and impact
  • Co- organizing sessions at relevant conferences, e.g. 12th International Meeting on Microbial Epidemiological Markers (IMMEM) 2019 and 19th International Symposium on Staphylococci and Staphylococcal Infections (ISSSI) 2020