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ESGHAMI Annual Report

Download the latest Annual Report.

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2021 Annual Report Published

The Annual Report showcasing the achievements of the previous year is now available to view. Be sure to check out the report to see what the Study Group was able to accomplish in 2021 as well as what they plan for the future.

New ESGHAMI Executive Committee elected

A new ESGHAMI Executive Committee has been elected and will now be:

  • Ed J. Kuijper, Netherlands (Chair)
  • Debby Bogaert, United Kingdom (Treasurer)
  • Maria Vehreschild, Germany (Secretary)

We thank all previous Executive Committee for their excellent work over the last years. We are looking forward to continuing this work.

You can find the full election report here

International Conference on One Health Antimicrobial Resistance (ICOHAR

Co-organised by ESGVM, ESGHAMI, the University of Copenhagen, the European Association of Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology (EAVPT), the network Edinburgh Infectious Diseases (EID), the Netherlands Center for One Health, the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA)

16 – 18 April 2019, Copenhagen, Denmark

It is generally recognized that control and prevention of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) requires a holistic One Health approach involving specialists from different sectors. In line with this concept, the 2nd ICOHAR aims at bringing together representatives from all relevant sectors (e.g. public health, human and veterinary medicine, livestock production, food safety and environmental sciences) to share research and education strategies for understanding and reducing the risks of AMR at the interphase between humans, animals and the environment. The programme does not only focus on zoonotic transfer of AMR but also on the numerous AMR-related challenges shared by clinicians, clinical microbiologists, infectious disease specialists and researchers working in these sectors.

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ESCMID study group for host and microbiota interaction group: ESGHAMI

October 19, 2018

In 2018, ESCMID approved a new study group (SG) for studying host-microbiota interactions. The overall aim of this new SG is to bridge diagnostic, clinical and scientific specialties across the relatively new field of microbiota research in Europe. Microbiota research concerned will cover intestinal, urogenital, respiratory and skin microbiota of both humans and animals and will include studies on the interactions of microbiota with the host immune response. The central theme will be focused on clinical significance of and therapeutic interventions on host-microbiota associated diseases and health.


We are especially looking for 1) members who are interested to contribute in Horizon 2020 & ESCMID research funding to apply for funding on microbiota research and 2) members who want to contribute in a review article for publication in CMI on our future position. However, every scientist/physician with interest in microbiota is welcome!


On behalf of prof. dr Benoit Guery (secretary) and prof. dr. Maria Vehreschild (treasurer)”


Prof. dr. Ed J. Kuijper, chair,  Department of Medical Microbiology, Leiden University Medical Centre, Albinusdreef 2, 2333 ZA Leiden.

Phone; +31-71-5363574

Email: e.j.kuijper[at]