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Researchers from EFWISG contributed to the article "Event-based surveillance of food- and waterborne diseases in Europe: urgent inquiries (outbreak alerts) during 2008 to 2013"

Gossner CM, de Jong B, Hoebe CJ, Coulombier D, European Food and Waterborne Diseases Study Group. Euro Surveill. 2015; 20(25):pii=21166

The authors of the paper conclude that the platform to facilitate the timely exchange of information between countries has strengthened the role of the Food- and Waterborne Diseases and Zoonoses (FWD) network. Combined with outbreak data collected by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), the urgent inquiries give a good overview of the outbreaks’ characteristics. Their analysis, however, also showed that the coordination between the risk assessors and risk managers at the EU/EEA level has to improve, particularly when events are reported. They propose to develop cross-sectoral guidelines for outbreak reporting.


ESCMID PGEC Infections in Returning Travellers: There is no Border for Transmission of Infections

Jointly organised with the immunocompromised host group (ESGICH) and the clinical parasitology group (ESGCP)

Istanbul, Turkey, November 2012

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