Frequently asked questions

The course can be delivered on-site, online or as a hybrid.

An on-site course that is also streamed live online to reach a wider audience.

The topic of the course or workshop should be engaging, relevant and novel and should focus on one or more of the learning domains stated in the programme.

The duration of the course depends on the type of course proposed:

  • Basic courses: 4 days
  • Advanced courses: 1 - 2 days
  • Local courses: 2 weeks

The faculty members (speakers) should be the most relevant presenters for the topic. Please do, however, keep in mind that a fair balance, both by geography and gender.

Indicated time and venue are taken as suggestions, since during the selection procedure, changes might be necessary in order to shape the programme in a coherent way.

Countries outside of Europe are welcome to submit proposals for online courses.

It is possible to offer local courses in any language.

All proposals will be evaluated by the AMS Certificate core coordinators according to their object, programme, international representativeness of the faculty, previous evaluation of similar courses (when available), programmatic and geographic redundancies with other courses.

Feedback to organiser(s) on the outcome of their submission, including possible revision requests, will be sent in February/March 2022.

There is a fixed level of support that is provided by ESCMID dependent on the type of course. For this, a standard operating procedure is available here.

Institutions are primarily responsible for providing a cancellation policy and negotiating these with providers for (e.g.) venues or other services. 

Yes, but this will be arranged at the level of ESCMID office organisation, not by the local course organisers.