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ESCMID Panorama

Mission & Objectives

The intended objectives of EPASG are:

  • to encourage the study and advancement of the science of pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics and the dosing of anti-infectives
  • to contribute to studies about prevention of development of resistance
  • to provide a uniting European forum for scientists and health care providers actively involved in this area
  • to promote awareness of the importance of exposure/effect relationships and thus optimal dosing for efficacy, clinical outcome and resistance prevention
  • to provide an opportunity for training and encouragement of scientists/physicians and related groups by means of scientific communication at conferences, educational workshops, special symposia, and publications
  • to offer advice and the opportunity for sharing expertise among European countries, other ESCMID study groups and international societies as well as regulatory agencies and other government authorities, e.g. EMEA.
Last update: 03 February 2010

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