Past ESCMID Study Groups

Over time, some ESCMID Study Groups disassembled, moved to be independent groups, slightly changed or enlarged their field of action or merged with other groups.

Here you can find some historical overview over these past ESCMID Study Groups (ordered alphabetically by acronym).


AcronymFull TitleStart - End DateReason for Discontinuation
EHSGEuropean Helicobacter Study Group1987-2015Group continues as EHMSG outside of, but in collaboration with ESCMID
EMESGESCMID Meningitis Study Group2007-2013Merged with other group to become ESGIB
ENSEIEuropean Network for the Study of Experimental Infections1991-2002Group closed
ESCAR (EUWOG)ESCMID Study Group for Coxiella, Anaplasma, Rickettsia and Bartonella 1989-2014Group continues as ESCCAR outside of, but in collaboration with ESCMID
ESGABEuropean Study Group on Antibiotic Breakpoints1988-1997Became EUCAST
ESGAR (ISGAR, ISGAR-ESCM)European Study Group on Antibiotic Resistance1986-1989Group closed
ESGARABESCMID Study Group for Antimicrobial Resistance in Anaerobic Bacteria1999-2010Widened scope to become ESGAI
ESGCI (ESGBE)European Study Group on Cardiovascular Infections1995-2004Group closed
ESGHIESCMID Study Group for Hospital Infection1990-1997Became ESGNI
ESGTESCMID Study Group on Toxoplasmosis2003-2007Widened scope to become ESGCP
ESPRITESCMID Study Group for Primary Care Topics2005-2010Group closed
EWPICPEuropean Working Party on Infections in Cancer Patients1995-1999Group closed