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ESGEM History

Based on memories from Lenie Dijkshoorn, Dianne White, Kevin Towner, Marc Struelens, and Peter Gerner-Smidt, as well as facts from minutes, annual reports etc.

ESGEM was started in March 1995 by Marc Struelens and Marc became the first Chair, which was at that time called Organizer. The approval of ESGEM was in Vienna the same month.

Overview on Chairs:

  • 1997 Lenie Dijkshoorn
  • 2001 Lenie Dijkshoorn (reelected)
  • 2003 Alex van Belkum
  • 2005 Panayotis Tassios
  • 2007 Sara Haeggman

Beside these brave Chairpersons, other well known scientists have participated in the ESGEM executive committee work, as Hajo Grundmann, Vibeke Marc, Kevin Towner, Peter Gerner-Smidt, Barry Cookson, Vivian Fussing, Sylvain Brisse among others.

Organization of the International Meeting on Microbial Epidemiological Markers (IMMEM) has been an important task of the ESGEM executive committee. The first conference organized by ESGEM members was in 1997 in Elsinore, Denmark.

Lenie Dijkshoorn: "I do remember that Marc was stating proudly at an official ESCMID meeting that ESGEM met all criteria, but that is not really funny but rather remarkable. From the early beginning ESGEM was compared to other Study Groups rather active. I believe that the situation has changed since some Study Groups are probably more active in making rules etc."

To be continued…