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Mission & Objectives

Traditionally, only the planktonic growing bacteria and fungi have been studied in clinical microbiology laboratories, and the prevention and treatment of infections have likewise been focused on planktonic microorganisms.

During the last 10 to 15 years, however, the long-term knowledge of the biofilm mode of growth of microorganisms which has accumulated in environmental microbiology has gradually been recognised by clinical microbiologists and infectious disease doctors. It is estimated that among chronic infections the majority are due to biofilm growing bacteria. Since the physiology and antibiotic sensitivity of biofilm growing microorganisms are completely different from planktonic, new methods are necessary for studying biofilm infections in humans. Such methods are only used in specialised research laboratories.

It is, therefore, the objective of ESGB to promote and disseminate studies and knowledge about methods and results of biofilm studies with relevance for infections in humans. The ultimate goal is to improve the results of prophylaxis and therapy of biofilm infections in humans. In order to obtain these goals ESGB realises that a multidisciplinary approach is necessary including scientists from basic microbiology and environmental microbiology as well as molecular microbiology.

It is, therefore, also the objective of the ESGB to facilitate cooperation between all these disciplines in studies focusing on biofilm infections.