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ESCMID Panorama

Improving antibiotic prescription and infection control in the emergency room


Programme objectives

Emergency Rooms (ERs) are a challenging environment: time is scarce, the workload too high and the composition of medical teams constantly changing. As a significant number of ER admitted patients are infected, awareness and expertise on antibiotic prescription and infection control is paramount: Typically, ERs are the first place for antimicrobial decision, where medical teams need to be able to rapidly detect severe cases and start administering adequate antimicrobial therapy in a timely fashion. Also after ER admission, when patients are transferred to the wards, the continuity of the prescribed therapy needs to be ensured to increase the chances of successful treatment. In addition, ERs are the central place for screening and isolation of infected patients before they are moved to the wards, so that the safety of other patients and healthcare workers can be guaranteed.

This one-day course aims to improve practices on diagnosis, antimicrobial treatment and screening of patients in the ER as well as their isolation if need be. It includes hands-on sessions and simulations to anchor the learned principles.

The workshop is co-organized by Hospital Beatriz Ângelo (LearningHealth Luz Saúde), Portugal and Hospital La Paz, Spain.


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Module programme


Saturday, 7 April 2018  


Location:         Casas da Cidade

Chair:             Carlos Palos (Lisbon, PT), Alejandro Martin-Quirós (Madrid, SP)


08:00 -08:30   Registration and coffee

                      Welcome, objectives and presentation


08:30 -09:00   The burden of infection and antibiotic prescription in the ER: where it all begins!

                      Juan González del Castillo (Emergency Service, Hospital Clínico San Carlos - Madrid, SP)


09:00 -09:45   Early detection of severely infected patients in the ER: how to improve?

                      Paulo Mergulhão (Intensive Care Department, Centro Hospitalar de São João - Oporto, PT)


09:45 -10:30  The central role of the laboratory: where are we now with microbiological testing and   


                      Paulo Paixão (Nova Medical School of Lisbon - PT)


10:30 -11:00   Coffee break


11:00 -11:45   Antibiotic stewardship in the ER: just do it!  

                      Céline Pulcini (Centre Hospitalaire de Recherche Universitaire de Nancy, FR)


11:45 -12:15   Screening and isolation: the central role of the ER

                       Carlos Palos  (Infection Control and Antibiotics Committee, Hospital Beatriz Ângelo - Lisbon, PT)


12:15 -12:45  New biological threats in the ER: how to deal with them?

                     Alejandro Martin Quirós (Madrid, SP) (Emergency Service, Hospital Universitario La Paz -    

                     Madrid, SP)


12:45 -14:30  Lunch


14:30 -18:00  Hands-on session

Station 1: Computer-based clinical simulations for decision making and antibiotic therapy

Station 2: Hand washing and use of protective personal equipment

Station 3: Invasive procedures


18:00             Module evaluation, take home messages and closure