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ESCMID Panorama

On the 24th to 27th of October occurs an international EUCIC advance module on Epidemiology and

Data analysis in Infection Control in Utrecht.


An article related to this module was recently published in the Slovene medical journal ISIS in March.


Follow this link to get the headlines.


We hope you enjoy this event and will be joining us for the 2019 EUCIC advance modules

26 September 2018

European CME credits (ECMEC) for advanced and local modules in 2018

EACCME has granted the following amount of European CME credits (ECMEC) to the following EUCIC modules:

Groningen: 32 CME

Paris: 17 CME

Cyprus: 11 CME

Porto: 31 CME

Utrecht: 24 CME

Matosinhos: 10 CME

Madrid: 14 CME

Freiburg: 11 CME


Well done to all administrative and local organisational staff for this achievement!



WHO IHM Webinar

The Infectious Hazard Management Unit (IHM) of the Health Emergencies Department (PHE) invites you to participate in the Webinar on The Core Components of Infection Prevention and Control Programs: From Guidelines to Implementation in Real Life.

The purpose of the session is to disseminate information on the implementation of core components in infection prevention and control and provide examples of implementation at country level. The webinar will be presented by Dr. Benedetta Allegranzi, Coordinator, Infection Prevention and Control, World Health Organization.

Date: Thursday, 27 September 2018

Time: 2:00 pm Washington, D.C. time



Objectives of the MJC IC:

-        The main objective is to define European standards of medical education and training in Infection Control (IC).

-        The availability of European Infection Control core competencies is a cornerstone for harmonising infection prevention and control training and education in Europe

-        Proposed MJC on Infection Control would ensure that part of curriculum and European Training Requirements pertaining in IC in both ID and MM specialties are structured in a similar way.

-        As a next step, this MJC in IC will plan to set up a European Certificate in Infection Control for medical specialists.

The scope of MJC IC is education of European Medical Specialties. Their own core curriculums should incorporate IC standards in which most of the specialties have little/no competencies. The Objective of MJC IC is not to create a new specialty, but to give support to all the medical specialties on IC competencies, of course on the basis of an European standard (ECDC, EUCIC, etc):

06 February 2018

ECDC will contribute to EUCIC's training programme

EUCIC is delighted that the European Centre for Disease Control (ECDC) has agreed to contribute to the training programme. ECDC’s contribution is expected in the areas of surveillance, epidemiology and data analysis, and the centre will offer an observership programme covering several of the modules.

31 January 2018

32 European CME credits (ECMEC) for the basic module

EACCME granted a total of 32 European CME credits (ECMEC) for the basic module in its training programme to attain the 'Infection Prevention and Control Certificate'

We applied for 29 and got 32 credit points. Congratulations to the team!


18 January 2018

Application for 29 European credit points for the basic module (Infection Prevention and Control Certificate)

EUCIC has applied for 29 European CME credits (ECMEC) for the basic module in its training programme to attain the 'Infection Prevention and Control Certificate' at EACCME.