The ECCVID #TeamChallenge

ESCMID invites you to take part in the ECCVID #TeamChallenge, a new social media initiative to help support our very first virtual conference and to bring the world together to fight COVID-19. The ESCMID Conference on Coronavirus Disease #ECCVID will be taking place on September 23 - 25 and we want your help in making sure that this can be a truly global event where people from around the world can share all we know about this new pandemic.


We are asking you to join with your local colleagues and create a team to post engaging content on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook with the aim of increasing the global reach of ECCVID across the web. ESCMID will monitor the posts using your team’s specialized hashtag that will be created in the application process. This will continue through the conference, so be sure to be active throughout the event and try your best to reach the most people and get the most engagements for the chance to win a prize. Don’t worry though, all teams will be included in our highlight book that will be produced after. You can see more details for the rules and procedure below. Good Luck!

How to join

Team applications are open until August 23rd.

  1. Download and fill out theteam member information template with the information of all team members including their emails and social media links

  2. The Team Captain will then complete the application form with their information and 3 proposed team names

  3. ESCMID will review your application and send back your personalized team hashtag and note down your team members

  4. You can begin posting as a team using #ECCVID and your personalized team hashtag on social media platforms

  5. Create fun and exciting posts to draw attention and engagements to your team and to ECCVID

The evaluation period will be from the time you create your team until 10 days after ECCVID (October 5th).


Later in October the winners will be announced and our highlight book will be published containing all of the teams who participate.


Rules for participating

Here you can find some general rules for participating in the challenge:


  • Each team must have at least 5 members including one "Team Captain" who will submit the application on behalf of the team
  • All team members' information must be included in the team member information template to be included in the application
  • You may not be a member of more than 1 team
  • Team namesmust be geographically relevant (city, state, region, country, etc.)
    Examples: #TeamBasel, #TeamSwitzerland, #TeamBaselStadt
  • ESCMID will choose from the proposed team names and send back your personalized hashtag
  • ESCMID will be evaluating only posts that contain BOTH#ECCVID and the personalized team hashtag
  • The challenge will take place across Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn social media platforms
  • Teams will be evaluated based on the engagements of their posts


For any questions, please contact: patrick.kudyba[at]