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12th International Meeting on Microbial Epidemiological Markers (IMMEM XII)

“Moving towards genome-based pathogen surveillance – lessons learnt and challenges ahead”
an ESCMID - ESGEM Conference
18-21 September 2019, 
Dubrovnik, Croatia 

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Scientific Committee

Ana Budimir (ESGEM)
Joao Carrico (ESGEM)
Teresa Coque (ES)
Ed Feil (ESGEM)
Alexander Friedrich (EUCIC/ESCMID)
Jacob Moran Gilad (ESGMD)
Richard Goering (US)
Hajo Grundmann (ESGEM)
Luca Guardabassi (ESGVM)
Beatriz Guerra (EFSA)
Kathryn Holt (AUS)
Titia M. Kortbeek (ESGPHM)
Frederic Laurent (ESGEM)
Jodi Lindsay (ESGS)
Luisa Peixe (EFWISG)
Mario Poljak (ESCMID)
Marc Struelens (ECDC)
Yang Wang (CH)
Guido Werner (ESGEM)


Dear Colleagues and Collaborators,

On behalf of the European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ESCMID), the ESCMID study group for epidemiological markers (ESGEM) is delighted to invite you to the 12th International Meeting on Molecular Epidemiological Markers (IMMEM XII), which will take place on September 18-21, 2018 in Dubrovnik, Croatia. This tri-annual event attracts experts from around the world who are utilizing molecular techniques to discover the epidemiology, ecology and evolution of microorganisms that inflict harm and disease on human, animal and plant populations.

In this edition of IMMEM, an expert faculty will discuss trends and changes in molecular typing techniques, and their impact on microbial typing and prediction of resistance. Comparisons between identification of individual microorganisms and microbiome characterisation.

There will also be a focus on One Health, with views on resistance spread, and its impact on last-resort antibiotic utilisation. Other aspects of drug-resistant pathogens, including Staphylococcus, Acinetobacter and Klebsiella species, will also be covered. The translation of this knowledge into practice will be discussed, in reference many clinical settings and situations.

In addition, a series of workshops and poster presentations will take place, facilitating open dialogue about the application of molecular typing technology in prediction and characterisation of resistance, and the importance of this information in regards to outbreaks.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Dubrovnik!

“Moving towards genome-based pathogen surveillance – lessons learnt and challenges ahead”
• Harmonisation of WGS-based typing
• Virulence and resistance gene prediction from WGS
• Plasmids and mobile genetic elements
• Genome-wide association studies
• Metagenomics and typing
• One Health and Antibiotic resistance
• Novel techniques and bioinformatics’ tools

The Venue

Dubrovnik is located in southern Croatia on the Adriatic Sea. Above all, the most characteristic feature of Dubrovnik is the old town, which is completely surrounded by a massive stone wall completed in the 16th century. The architecture of the well-preserved buildings ranges from the Baroque style (Church of St. Blaise) on the Renaissance (Sponza Palace) to the Gothic (Rector's Palace, now a history museum). There are many shops and restaurants in the limestone-paved pedestrian street of Stradun or Placa.

The Hotel Kompas lies about 15 min outside the city at the seaside. The Venue can be reached by taxi from the airport in 25-30 minutes. This outstanding hotel has already hosted successfully an ESCMID conference and convinces with its stylish décor, the naturaldaylight-flodded meeting room, its outstanding service and the good food.

We look forward to welcome you in Hotel Kompas Dubrovnik for the 12th International Meeting on Microbial Epidemiological Markers (IMMEM XII)


Local Organizing Committee

Mario Poljak (Past Pres ESCMID, Univ. Ljubljana)
Arjana Tambić (Pres Croatian society for Clinical Microbiology)
Ivana Marković (Head of Microbiology UHC Zagreb)
Zrinka Bošnjak (School of Medicine, UHC Zagreb)
Ana Budimir (School of Medicine UHC Zagreb)
Marko Jelić (Clinic for Infectious diseases)

Conference Registration

Registration will open in the beginning of 2019

Abstract Submission

Abstracts will be accepted from early January until 31th March 2019. There will be a submission platform.

More information will follow soon.

Conference Venue

Hotel Kompas Dubrovnik

Ul. kardinala Stepnica 21
20000 Dubrovnik


Scientific Secretariat

ESCMID Executive Office
P.O. Box 214
4010 Basel, Switzerland
Phone +41 61 508 01 72
Email IMMEMconf2019[at]