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ESCMID Conference on Coronavirus Disease (ECCVID)

The ESCMID Conference on Coronavirus Disease (ECCVID) will take place online from Wednesday 23rd to Friday 25th September 2020 and will cover all aspects of COVID-19. ECCVID will feature a comprehensive scientific programme that will span a wide range of topics surrounding this emerging threat. 

COVID-19 is a major public health incident which has brought about significant challenges and uncertainties with respect to diagnostics, therapeutics and infection prevention and control. We are learning continually about the new SARS-CoV-2 virus and an international scientific event that brings together the latest research and scientific evidence is very timely. ECCVID will offer excellent opportunities to showcase the latest findings, share experiences and knowledge and demonstrate practical techniques and guidance. 

Internationally renowned clinical microbiologists, infectious diseases specialists and experts from related disciplines will present their work and latest findings on COVID-19, during the event.

This page is constantly updated with all the information about the event. All the latest news will be also shared on our our social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

We hope you will join us for this incredible experience as we explore this global challenge.

ECCVID Programme Committee

Call for session proposals


ESCMID opened a call for session proposals for the ECCVID conference.

ESCMID affiliated and partner societies, ESCMID Study Groups and all ESCMID committees were invited to submit session proposals. The call closed with 75 proposals for sessions such as keynote lectures, symposia and meet-the-expert in addition to new format specifically designed for a better online experience.

The Programme Committee is currently reviewing these proposals and building the final programme, which will be announced in the coming weeks.


Call for Abstracts


ESCMID will soon invite abstract submissions for oral as well as e-poster sessions.

Details on rules and timeline for the submission will be published on this webpage and shared on all ESCMID social media platforms as well.

Abstracts will be accepted in the following categories:


     a. Basic science and virology

     b. Epidemiology - local, regional, global

     c. Clinical features, case management, outcome

     d. Diagnostics

     e. Drug development and treatment modalities (incl. clinical trials)

     f.  Immune response, immunomodulation

     g. Vaccine development and trials

     h. Infection control

     i.  Public health policy, mitigation

     j.  Preparedness and response

     k. Other societal aspects (incl. economics)

     l.  Other

Sponsorship Opportunities

The platform will:

  • enable the industry to connect with the global clinical microbiology and infectious diseases community
  • provide a unique opportunity for companies to share their latest technologies, research, Knowledge and  products related to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • be accessible from multiple devices
  • enable participants to fully participate despite the current challenge and travelling restrictions resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic
  • include interactive and engaging features
  • offer content that will be instantly available on-demand or at a scheduled time
  • provide analytics of participants’ activities


For details regarding sponsorship opportunities please feel free to contact:

Maya Ravinsky
Industry Liaison
Tel:    +972 546 787837
Email: eccmidexpo[at]

For scientific collaboration, please contact:
Dr. Daniele Roppolo
ESCMID Science Manager
Tel:    +41 61 508 01 56
Email: science[at]