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ESCMID Panorama

The following paper Poster will be presented during the 5th Conference on Vaccines:

Poster Title Authors
P1 Antibiotic susceptibility of S. pneumoniae strains, isolated from children carriers, after the introduction of PCV10 in Bulgaria Mariya Malcheva | Iva Filipova | Viktoria Levterova | Ivan Simeonovski | Todor Kantardjiev
P2 Knowledge, attitude and parctices about the influenza vaccination among health care workers in Bosnia and Herzegovina Zarema Obradovic
P3 "Experimental Human Challenge Reveals Distinct Mechanisms of Acquisition or Protection Against Pneumococcal Colonization" Elissavet Nikolaou | Simon Jochems | Elena Mitsi | Sherin Pojar | Annie Blizard | Jesús Reiné | Carla Solórzano | Edessa Negera | Beatriz Carniel | Alessandra Soares-Schanoski | Victoria Connor | Hugh Adler | Seher Zaidi | Caz Hales | Helen Hill | Angela Hyder-Wright | Stephen Gordon | Jamie Rylance | Daniela Ferreira
P4 "Estimated impact of pneumococcal polysaccharide protein D-conjugate vaccine (PHiD-CV) and human rotavirus vaccine (HRV) on child morbidity and mortality" Alen Marijam | Schuerman Lode | Patricia Izurieta | Pereira Priya | Baudouin Standaert
P5 "Challenges in keeping the measles elimination status in UK" Antoaneta Bukasa | Jamie LopezBernal | Vanessa Saliba
P6 "Impact of changing the stage of pregnancy of maternal pertussis vaccination in England on hosptialised pertussis in full-term and pre-term infants from 2011-2018." Elise Tessier | Helen Campbell | Sonia Ribeiro | Norman K Fry | Julia Stowe | Nick Andrews | Gayatri Amirthalingam
P7 "Expression of type I and II interferon in the lungs of immune mice after viral - bacterial infection" Galina Landgraf
P8 "In-hospital vaccination program for HIV+ patients: a single center experience" Diletta Barbanotti | Lidia Gazzola | Anna De Bona | Giuseppe Ancona | Francesca Bai | Camilla Tincati | Giulia Carla Marchetti | Teresa Bini | Antonella d'Arminio Monforte
P9 "Evaluation of the impact of the Herpes Zoster vaccination programme in England five years following its introduction in September 2013" Kuyumdzhieva Galena | Nick Andrews | Gayatri Amirthalingam | Simon de Lusignan | Ivelina Yonova
P10 "Effectiveness of influenza vaccines in preventing laboratory-confirmed influenza cases: a primary care case-control study in Liguria (Italy) - DRIVE project 2018-2019" Donatella Panatto | piero lai | Stefano Mosca | Andrea Orsi | Beatrice Pennati | Paola Rovatti | Federico Grammatico | Paola Canepa | Claudia Arcuri | Bianca Bruzzone | Giancarlo Icardi
P11 "Defining the relationship between S. pneumoniae colonisation density, bacterial shedding and transmission potential" Elena Mitsi | Elissavet Nikolaou | Helen Hill | Annie Blizard | Sherin Pojar | Andrea Collins | Daniela M. Ferreira
P12 "Insights into the epidemiology of viral respiratory infections during the winter season 2018-2019: results from a primary care network in Genoa, Liguria, North-West Italy" Andrea Orsi | Donatella Panatto | Piero Luigi Lai | Stefano Mosca | Francesca Butera | Patrizia Caligiuri | Serena Varesano | Gaia Barisione | Giulia Guarona | Bianca Bruzzone | Giancarlo Icardi | CIRI-IT Network General Practitioners and Pediatricians
P13 Prevalence of Influenza Vaccine Recommendation of Gynecologists and Obstetricians to prgenant women Irem Akdemir | Ayşe Nur Usturalı Mut | Gule Aydin | Fatih Keskin | Alpay Azap | Kemal Osman Memikoglu
P14 Vaccine breakthrough tick-borne encephalitis: a case report from an endemic country Anja Šterbenc | Matej Furlan | Mateja Jelovšek | Matjaz Jereb | Tatjana Avsic
P15 Vaccination coverage, incidence rate and laboratory testing for pertussis in Slovenia Polona Maver Vodicar | Anja Šterbenc | Anja Oštrbenk | Katja Seme
P16 Protective effect of PCV vaccine against experimental pneumococcal challenge in adults is primarily mediated by controlling colonisation densityCarla Solorzano-Gonzalez | Esther German | Syba Sunny | Felicity Dunne | Jenna Gritzfeld | Elena Mitsi | Elissavet Nikolaou | Angela Hyder-Wright | Andrea Collins | Stephen Gordon | Daniela Ferreira