About the TAE

The TAE is a group of trainees and specialists from different countries in Europe that finished their training less than three years ago. We now have 6 members from both Clinical Microbiology (CM) and Infectious Diseases (ID). From all countries in Europe representatives for both specialties are recruited to form a large network of young enthusiastic people to organize activities for that same group under the wings of the ESCMID.

What does the TAE do?

One of the goals of the TAE is to take training in CM and ID to new heights. By using international resources we can discuss optimal training programmes, have international trainee courses with respected speakers and learn from each others’ regional specialties.
By creating a large network of young professionals in CM and ID, a door is opened for better trans-european collaboration and effective use of resources.

Aim and objectives

The aim of the TAE is to improve the training in clinical microbiology and infectious diseases, and create a large international network of trainees to facilitate collaboration.


  • To recognize and interpret challenges trainees of CM and ID face throughout Europe
  • To implement harmonized content and quality of CM and ID training and European Curricula across Europe
  • To generate a broader and inter-related collaboration of CM and ID trainees across Europe by using a regional and worldwide network of CM and ID trainees
  • To stimulate exchange programs across Europe and beyond European borders
  • To provide a programme which meets the specific needs of CM and ID trainees at each ECCMID
  • To plan ECCMID sessions and outside ECCMID activities with other Study Groups.
  • To create future partnerships for TAE own research studies.