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TAE Survey among CM and ID on training conditions across Europe

 The survey opened during ECCMID Copenhagen and the paper is in progress.

This format offers great chances for young professionals to learn about various options in their lives, to think about possibilities that never crossed their minds before, and to get inspiration from experts who were once in the same position at the crossroads of their career path. At the same time, this will be a perfect opportunity to build stronger links between senior experts and future professionals.

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Saturday, 25 April 2015, 08:45 –10:45, Hall J
Giving the best in science: from us/to us

Saturday, 25 April 2015, 11:00 –13:00, Hall G
Forensic microbiology – current and future challenges

Saturday, 25 April 2015, 11:00 –13:00, Hall F
Vaccination of immunocompromised and allergic
patients – are we missing the obvious?

It is our pleasure to present preliminary results of our survey. Since this is very important survey for CM/ID trainees and the first of its kind, we know that you are as curious about the results as we are. 

The lucky winner of our drawing is Simona Pavel from France. Congratulations to Simona and many thanks to all of those who participated in the survey. Final results of the survey will be published and presented at ECCMID 2016.

read summary report of survey