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ESCMID PARITY COMMISSION: Call for one new member!

ESCMID is happy to announce an open call for one ESCMID Parity Commission (PC) member position. The officer’s term is envisaged for four years (official starting period from ECCMID 2021) without the possibility of extension. The aims and activities of the ESCMID PC may be viewed here.

In particular, the newly selected officer is expected to accomplish the following tasks:

1.    To have a good understanding of the organization of ESCMID. This includes awareness of the vision, values and mission.
2.    To suggest, promote and realize scientific projects such as:
-    producing tools which enhance awareness and encourage equal opportunities for all CM/ID professionals;
-    designing related surveys and disseminate results;
-    representing PC and its values in all scientific events organized by ESCMID;
3.    To attend PC meetings. Prior the meeting, the PC member reviews all relevant material and prepares to contribute to discussion and PC activities.
4.    To attend the meetings of the Professional Affairs (PA) committee and participate in the PA activities, especially reviewing the applications for ESCMID observership and mentorship.
5.    To liaise with National Societies and other ESCMID partners for purposes serving the aims of the Commission.
6.    To collaborate with other ESCMID bodies such as the Trainees Association of ESCMID (TAE).
7.    To be available and responsive to requests, comments or feedback derived from the entire ESCMID membership.


The new member will be collaborating with other members of the PC under the guidance of the president–elect and secretary general. Congress registration-, accommodation- and travel-associated costs in the context of ECCMID as well as any other PC meeting will be reimbursed by ESCMID. Eligible for applying for the position are all ESCMID members who are sensitized in issues regarding parity and equity in the CM/ID professional area. Applicants with a record of active engagement in such subjects will be preferred.


Important: In  accordance  with  ESCMID policy,  the PC aims to maintain geographic  distribution  among  their members. For this reason, applications from France, Switzerland and Italy will not be accepted.

Application Deadline: Friday, 18 December 2020 at 12:00 CET


In order to apply for the position please send a motivation letter (max 500 words) along with a short CV (max 2 pages) at: science[at]



Published online: Parity Commission study - Inequality dynamics among CM & ID specialists

ESCMID’s Parity Commission explored the social, cultural, psychological, and organizational factors associated with inequality in the workplace among clinical microbiologists (CM) and infectious disease (ID) specialists at European hospitals.
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Parity Commission BLOG!

In January 2016 the Parity Commission launched a blog. You can comment on Parity Commission members' blogs on gender and geographic balance.
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