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ESCMID Mentorship Programme

ESCMID has launched a new initiative – the ESCMID Mentorship Programme. The aim is to give mentees (ESCMID members) the opportunity to benefit from mentoring (maximum 2 years) by an ESCMID Mentorship Centre.

Over 20 Mentorship Centres have been approved. Mentees can apply online for mentorships throughout the year.

About Mentorship Programme

To facilitate a well structured and organized professional environment, we encourage our members to be mentored by an ESCMID Mentorship Centre for one to ...

About Mentorship Centres (EMCs)

A mentor is an ESCMID member highly experienced in a specific field who offers guidance and encouragement to the mentee in order to improve ...

Search Mentorship Centres

Browse the list of ESCMID mentorship centres and mentees.

Register Mentorship Centre

Here you can apply to become a mentor and to register your institute to be an ESCMID mentorship centre.

Apply for Mentorship

Full and young scientist members who want guidance for research and career development from a more experienced professional can apply online throughout the year. Applicants should reach an agreement with the mentor before applying.

Submit Report

For mentees to upload their reports at the halfway point or after completion of the mentorship