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1. Resume

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I am a medical doctor from the National University of Colombia (UNAL), with a Master's degree in Clinical Epidemiology (UNAL)and Public Health (Pompeu Fabra University) and a PhD in Methodology of Biomedical Research and Public Health (Autonomous University of Barcelona).

For the last 15 years, my academic and work activity has been centered around different aspects of clinical epidemiology such as epidemiological surveillance, clinical guidelines, medical research, database management, etc. Through various activities with stakeholders, patients and healthcare workers, I have acquired excellent communication skills and learned about dissemination of research outcomes.

I would like to continue working on epidemiology-related tasks.






Colombian, Spanish



Residence country


2. Professional experience

Career level

Manager (Manager/Supervisor of Staff)

Status as medical specialist

Status as medical specialist other

MSc in Clinical Epidemiology
MSc in Public Health
PhD in Methodology of Biomedical Research and Public Health

Medical speciality / field of interest

Epidemiology, Public Health

Research profile

Epidemiology, Systematic Reviews, Clinical Guidelines

3. Current (last) position held

Current employer company

Vall d'Hebron Hospital

Current employer city


Current employer country


Job title

Clinical Epidemiologist

Duration start


Further work experience

January 2016 – March 2017
Research Technician
Iberoamerican Cochrane Centre
Sant Antoni Maria Claret, 167, 08025 Barcelona (Spain)
– Participation in the evidence group of the European Breast Cancer Guidelines (European Commission Initiative of breast cancer)
– Selection, qualification and organisation of evidence according to GRADE methodology
– Participation in the expert panel of values and preferences of patients concerning inequalities among different European countries
– Preparation of technical documents on breast cancer screening
– Dissemination of evidence-based results

October 2014 – January 2016
Researcher/Project Manager of FRAILOMIC and FRAILCLINIC
Getafe Health Care Research Institute
Carretera de Toledo, Km. 12, 28905 Getafe (Spain)
– Project management following the standards of the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Commission
– Overseeing the production of the required deliverables
– Coordination of the projects with numerous shareholders
– Liaison with programme management and related projects to ensure that work is neither overlooked nor duplicated
– Conducting project evaluations and task assessment
– Preparation of follow-up recommendations
– Dissemination of evidence-based results

March 2012 – October 2014
Research Technician
Sant Pau Research Institute
Sant Antoni Maria Claret, 167, 08025 Barcelona (Spain)
– Elaboration of systematic reviews of pharmacological interventions in health
– Evaluation of quality of evidence in medicine according to the GRADE methodology
– Preparation of technical documents on particular health interventions

June 2005 – August 2011
Head of Clinical Research Unit
National Cancer Institute
Calle 1, No. 9–85, Bogotá (Colombia)
– Coordination of clinical trials in cancer
– Lead/collaborating in the validation of the quality of life scales in cancer
– Statistic analysis of results from experimental and non-experimental designs
– Elaboration of systematic reviews of pharmacological interventions in cancer
– Elaboration of clinical management protocols in cancer
– Contribution to various administrative committees of the INC
– Participation in economic evaluation of cancer interventions
– Methodological advice to graduate students in oncology and hematology
– Promotion of the development of good clinical practices for research developed at INC
– Dissemination of evidence-based results
– Assessment and evaluation of research projects on clinical epidemiology
– Proposal and supervision of the annual financial plan for research in the Clinical Research Unit

4. Education

Education and qualifications

2015–2019 PhD in Methodology of Biomedical Research and Public Health : “Challenges and opportunities of the dissemination of the clinical research on cancer”
Autonomous University of Barcelona, Barcelona (Spain)

2010–2011 Master in Public Health: “Quality assessment and scientific impact of cancer clinical trials conducted in Spain”
Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona (Spain)

2006–2009 Master in Clinical Epidemiology: “Validation for utilization in Colombia of the FACT-P scale (version 4) for evaluation of the quality of life of
patients with prostate cancer”
National University of Colombia, Bogotá (Colombia)

2000–2001 Specialization in Epidemiology: “Epidemiological profile of Zipaquira”
El Bosque University, Bogotá (Colombia)

1999–2000 Practical Year on the Countryside
Guadalupe, Huila (Colombia)

1992–1998 General Medicine and Surgery
National University of Colombia, Bogotá (Colombia)

5. Language skills, special skills, IT-knowledge

First language


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Second language


Skills second language


Third language


Skills third language


6. Desired position and location of employment

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Research position

Type of position other

Clinical Guidelines

Medical speciality

Epidemiology, Public Health

Desired job title


Type of contract

Permanent, Temporary/contract/project

Job status

Full-time, Part-time

Years of relevant work


Geographical preference

Basel or Zurich area



Desired job profile

Contribute to clinical guidelines, participate in systematic reviews, rapid guidelines or rapid reviews, monitor clinical trials or other types of non-experimental studies.