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1. Resume

Short summary of skills, experience and career objective

I am Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim Saeed; Ph.D holder in medical microbiology, exxpert in diagnostics, bacteriology, immunology, virology and vaccines.

My PhD project, publications and work experience we're in Vaccines

I am expert in teaching junior researchers and making life easy for them to achieve lab experiment successfully.

Interested in area of research includes Medical, aquatic and Nano biotech

With broad, long term and strong knowledge in diagnostics virology, bacteriology, immunology and molecular diagnostics with broad experience in advanced lab techniques as listed below in my attached resume and certificates

My academic record are below :

- Ph.D in medical microbiology Virology, From UPM University, Malaysia.Feb-2016
- M.Sc. in microbiology, course-work, with a mini research on Hepatitis A virus. 2009
- B.Sc in medical lab sciences, majoring medical microbiology.

During my previous research work i have mastered all of the following technical assays:
- Electron microscopy TEM &SEM,
- Cell cyto-toxicity,
- Cell culture & developing primary cell culture manipulation techniques, specially slow deciding blood cells.
- Fluorescent,
- Western.blot,
- Viral isolation, propagation , concentration, purification.
- Monitoring of post-exposure immune responses and cytokines expression.
- Conventional and Realtime PCR based detection
- Genotyping of viral & bacterial (16s RNA) pathogens.
- Assessment of antimicrobial effectiveness. And detection of resistance genes and profiling.
- Recombination of DNA and validation of expression into protein.
- Design , development & delivery of Vaccines. Cell-culture and Recombinant

Writing, publishing original and quality research articles in specialized recognized journals.

Reviewed many scientific manuscripts submitted to journal indexed in Dov-press, AF, Malaya university.









Residence country


2. Professional experience

Career level

Career level other

Long term exxpert medical microbiology virologist

Status as medical specialist

Status as medical specialist other

Academician medical diagnostics microbiology, virology, vaccines and nanobiomed

Medical speciality / field of interest

Clinical Microbiology, Infectious Diseases, Epidemiology, Public Health, Microbiology

Medical speciality field of interest other

Virology, human vaccines & nanobiomed

3. Current (last) position held

Current employer company

Current employer name of lead clinician

National Ribat university

Current employer city

Medical laboratory sciences, microbiology dept.

Current employer country


Current employer website


Job title

Deputy dean faculty of medical laboratory sciences

Duration start


Work experience

Further work experience

Sudan National health laboratory, spent 7 years rotation between microbiology, virology and vaccines

4. Education

Education and qualifications

PhD medical microbiology, virology from UPM university, Malaysia 2015- Dec

5. Language skills, special skills, IT-knowledge

First language


Skills first language


Second language


Skills second language


Third language


Skills third language


Fourth language

Malay Bahasa

Skills fourth language


Special skills

Diagnostic and research exxpert in systemic clinical Bacteriology
Diagnostic Virology, vaccines research and nanobiomed application

IT knowledge


Other qualifications

Technical diagnostic, short training in cell culture, vaccines, virology and microbiology and molecular techniques

6. Desired position and location of employment

Type of position

Training position, Research position, Clinical position, Laboratory position, ESCMID observership

Type of position other

Virology, molecular Virology, vaccines, nanobiomed

Medical speciality

Clinical Microbiology, InfectiousDiseases, Public Health, Microbiology

Medical speciality other

Virology and vaccines

Desired job title

Senior staff, supervisor, director, head of research

Type of contract

Permanent, Temporary/contract/project, Short visit, Placement student

Job status

Full-time, Part-time

Years of relevant work


Geographical preference

Any where



Desired job profile

Virology or vaccines

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