ESCMID Courses and Workshops 2019

Strengthening preparedness for (re-) emerging arbovirus infections: symptoms, diagnostics, clinical management and outbreak control

19-21 March 2019, Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Optimised dosing of antibiotics – understanding PK/PD, clinical breakpoints and therapeutic drug monitoring

11-12 April 2019, Rotterdam, Netherlands

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Emerging infections for clinicians and the WHO Emerging Diseases Clinical Assessment and Response Network

13-15 May 2019, Florence, Italy

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Phenotypic and Molecular approaches for Detection and Control of Carbapenem- and Colistin-resistant Gram-negatives

23-24 May 2019, Volos, Greece

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Update on diagnostic and clinical management of complex foreign body infections

12-14 June 2019, Groningen, Netherlands

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ESGICH and ICHS Course on Infectious complications in Haematology Patients, including Stem Cell Transplant Recipients

20-21 June 2019, Genoa, Italy

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3rd course on Encephalitis

26-28 June 2019, Grenoble, France

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Clinical bioinformatics for microbial genomics and metagenomics

9-12 September 2019, Lausanne, Switzerland

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Tuberculosis and other Mycobacterial Infections: An Update in Singapore

26-28 September 2019, Singapore, Singapore

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Second ESCMID Course on Precision Medicine

26-28 September 2019, Rome, Italy

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Elimination of Viral Hepatitis: Are We Ready?

27-28 September 2019, Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Challenges in the Diagnosis of Life-Threatening Infections

10-12 October 2019, Zagreb, Croatia