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Histopathology in Experimental Neuroinfection, ESCMID Postgraduate Technical Workshop

7 - 8 September 2009, Berne, Switzerland


Organized by the ESCMID Meningitis Study Group (EMESG).


  • Stephen Leib, University of Berne, Berne, Switzerland on behalf of EMESG
Course Objectives

Coordinated efforts to study the pathophysiology of infectious diseases of the central nervous system are hampered by the lack of consistent and comparable measurements for the quantitative and qualitative assessment of brain injury. The workshop aims at setting standards for histopathological evaluation of experimental infection-associated brain injury by providing the necessary knowledge and techniques to the participants.


Course Venue

University of Berne, Berne, Switzerland


Target Audience

Investigators (students, postdocs) from laboratories studying infectious diseases of the brain. The course can accept a maximum of 20 participants.

Contact Person

Monika Meyer, Sekretariat Infektiologie
Institut für Infektionskrankheiten
Universität Bern
Friedbühlstrasse 51, Postfach 61
3010 Bern, Schweiz
Phone +41 31 632 32 56
Fax +41 31 632 87 66

Course Programme and Material

Plenary Lectures

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  • Disease models of bacterial meningitis in the infant rat. Stephen Leib
  • Animal models of bacterial meningitis: role of microbial virulence factors in the disease. Susanna Ricci & Marco Oggioni
  • Histopathologic assessment of the cochlea in meningitis-associated labyrinthitis.
    Matthias Klein
  • Modelling cerebral aspergillosis. Stefan Zimmerli
  • Brain damage to the hippocampus in experimental bacterial meningitis. Denis Grandgirard
  • In-vivo imaging of brain pathology and relationship to standard histopathology - potential advantages and disadvantages. Christian Brandt


Practical Sessions

  • Tissue preparation for histopathological processing
  • Cryocutting and cutting of paraffin-embedded samples from brain tissue and inner ear, mounting on glass slides
  • Staining procedures
  • Computer-aided quantitative assessment of brain damage
  • Assessment of damage to the hippocampus
  • Assessment of damage to the inner ear
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Berne Course Leaflet

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