Update on Implant-Associated Infections: Diagnosis and Management, ESCMID Postgraduate Education Course

12 - 14 February 2015, Budapest, Hungary

  • ESCMID Study Group for Implant-Associated Infections (ESGIAI)
Local Supporters
  • Hungarian Society for Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases
  • Semmelweis University, Department of Orthopedics
Course Coordinators
  • Botond Lakatos, Budapest, Hungary
  • Alex Soriano, Barcelona, Spain
Course Objectives

This education course aims at those confronted with device- and implant-associated infections in daily routine as surgeon, infectious diseases
physician, internist, infection control practitioner or clinical microbiologist. All participants attendingthis course will learn about the recent and relevant advances in the diagnosis, antimicrobial and surgical therapeutical aspects of implantassociated infections. Particular issues such as difficult-to-treat microorganisms and management of tumour-prosthesis infections will also be addressed during the course. The programme consists of a 2-day course with interactive lectures illustrated with clinical cases and meet-the-expert sessions.

Course Venue

Hotel Best Western Hungary****
Rákóczi út 90
1074 Budapest

Phone +36 188 944 00
Fax +36 188 944 11

Target Audience

40 – 60 specialists or physicians interested in updating their knowledge on the diagnosis and management of implant-associated infections including: internists, infectious disease doctors, clinical microbiologists and orthopedic
surgeons. Medical doctors and surgeons in training are also welcome.

CME Accreditation

The organisers of the course will apply for European CME accreditation through EACCME.

Contact Person (Scientific Programme)

Botond Lakatos
Saint Laszlo Hospital
Department of Infectious Diseases
Nagyvarad ter 1.
1097 Budapest

Mobile +36 203 104 163
Phone +36 145 581 00
Fax +36 121 565 01

Administrative Secretariat

Ms Virág Böcskei
Hatlet Conference Organizer Ltd.
Zászlós u. 6. Fsz/2.
1143 Budapest

Mobile +36 304 458 761
Phone +36 178 588 47

Course Programme

Presentations are availabe in the ESCMID Online Lecture Library.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

09:30 Welcome and registration (Hotel Best Western Hungary)
10:00 Role of biofilm in implant infections: basic concepts. Annette Moter &                      José Luis del Pozo León
11:30 Break
12:00 Bacterial persistence: recent advances and implications for orthopedic
            implant infections. Alex Soriano & Stefania Stefani
13:00 Buffet lunch
14:00 Diagnosis of implant-associated infections with conventional and new
            methods: state-of-the-art and case reports. Elisabeth Nagy, Reno Frei &
            Silvano Esposito

15:30 Coffee break
16:00 Implant-associated infections in the cardiovascular system and
           urinary tract. Efthymia Giannitsioti & Peter Tenke
19:00 Dinner for participants with faculty panel (Colombus Ship Restaurant)

Friday, 13 February 2015
09:00 How to reduce efficiently post-operative infections? Andreas Widmer                      & Antonios Papadopoulos
10:30 Coffee break
11:00 Common cases and difficult-to-treat scenarios – interactive talks with
           illustrative cases. Alex Soriano, Stefania Stefani, Antonios                                          Papadopoulos & José Luis del Pozo León
13:00 Buffet lunch
14:00 Diagnosis and treatment of fungal infections associated with implants,
           catheters and other intravascular devices – interactive talks.                                      Jaime Lora-Tamayo & Janos Sinko
15:00 Coffee break
15:30 The challenges surgeons are facing when treating implant-associated                   infections: interaction of infectious disease specialists and surgeons.
            Heinz Winkler, Miklos Szendroi & Gyula Prinz
18:00 Sightseeing tour with bus
19:30 Dinner (optional, not included in the course fee)

Saturday, 14 February 2015
09:00 Future of implant-associated infections: interdisciplinary efforts.
           Eric Senneville & Reto Luginbühl
10:30 Coffee break
11:00 Wrapping up with faculty members
12:00 Closing remarks

Invited Faculty Members
  • José Luis del Pozo León, Pamplona, Spain
  • Silvano Esposito, Naples, Italy
  • Reno Frei, Basel, Switzerland
  • Efthymia Giannitsioti, Athens, Greece
  • Jaime Lora-Tamayo, Madrid, Spain
  • Reto Luginbühl, Bettlach, Switzerland
  • Annette Moter, Berlin, Germany
  • Elisabeth Nagy, Szeged, Hungary
  • Antonios Papadopoulos, Athens, Greece
  • Gyula Prinz, Budapest, Hungary
  • Eric Senneville, Tourcoing, France
  • Janos Sinko, Budapest, Hungary
  • Alex Soriano, Barcelona, Spain
  • Stefania Stefani, Catania, Italy
  • Miklos Szendroi, Budapest, Hungary
  • Peter Tenke, Budapest, Hungary
  • Andreas Widmer, Basel, Switzerland
  • Heinz Winkler, Vienna, Austria