Educational Programme on Transplant Virology, ESCMID Postgraduate Education Course

11 - 12 June 2015, Lausanne, Switzerland

  • ESCMID Study Group for Infections in Compromised Hosts (ESGICH)
  • ESCMID Study Group for Viral Hepatitis (ESGVH)
Course Coordinator
  • Oriol Manuel, Lausanne, Switzerland
Course Objectives
  • To know the epidemiology of viral infections in the transplant setting from a European perspective
  • To know the preventive antiviral strategies before and after transplantation for the most important viral pathogens
  • To understand the relationship between viral infection and allograft function in transplant recipients
  • To manage unusual viral infections (including resistant viruses) in the transplant setting
  • To learn about the indication of novel antiviral therapies for transplant recipients and candidates
  • To discuss interesting and illustrative cases on transplant virology
Course Venue

University Hospital of Lausanne (CHUV)
Rue de Bugnon 46
1011 Lausanne

Target Audience
40 – 50 specialists or physicians in training interested in infections in transplant patients including: infectious disease doctors, clinical microbiologists, virologists, transplant surgeons and specialists in haematology, nephrology, hepatology, cardiology, endocrinology and pneumology.

CME Accreditation

The organisers of the course will apply for European CME accreditation through EACCME.

Contact Person (Scientific Programme)

Oriol Manuel, MD
Infectious Diseases Service and Transplantation
Center University Hospital (CHUV)
and University of Lausanne
MP14/316, Bugnon 46
1011 Lausanne

Phone +41 21 314 30 20
Fax +41 21 314 10 08

Administrative Secretariat

Martine Moreillon
UNIL, Université de Lausanne
Département de Microbiologie Fondamentale
Quartier Unil-Sorge, Bâtiment Biophore
1015 Lausanne

Phone +41 21 692 56 00
Mobile +41 79 515 07 19

Course Programme


Presentations are availabe in the ESCMID Online Lecture Library.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Session 1: Cytomegalovirus
Chairs: Manuel Pascual & José M. Aguado
09:00 Welcome. Thierry Calandra & Manuel Pascual
09:15 Antiviral immunity in transplantation. Vincent Emery
09:45 CMV in transplant recipients. Francisco López-Medrano
10:15 Immune monitoring for CMV. David Navarro
10:45 Coffee break

Session 2: Other herpesviruses and oncogenic viruses
Chairs: Pascal Meylan & Paolo Grossi
11:00 HHV-6 in transplantation. Irmeli Lautenschlager
11:30 Oncogenic herpesvirus (EBV, HHV-8) in transplant recipients. Paolo Grossi
12:00 HPV. Olivier Gaide
12:30 Lunch

Session 3: Other viruses in transplantation
Chairs: Bernd Salzberger & Lubos Drgona
13:45 Influenza and other respiratory viruses. Laurent Kaiser
14:15 Polyomavirus infection in transplant recipients. Hans Hirsch
14:45 Other viral infections in transplantation: norovirus, adenovirus, parvoB19.
           Nicolas Müller
15:15 Coffee break

Session 4: Case reports
Chairs: Oriol Manuel & José M. Aguado
15:45 Interesting cases in transplant virology/Journal Club. All

Friday, 12 June 2015

Session 5: Hepatitis C in transplantation
Chairs: Christian van Delden & Joop Arends
08:30 Hepatitis C virus in liver transplantation. Pierre Deltenre
09:00 Hepatitis C virus in other transplant recipients. Edson Abdala
09:30 HIV-HCV co-infection and transplantation. Georges Pageaux
10:00 Coffee break

Session 6: Viral hepatitis in transplantation
Chairs: Claudio Viscoli & Hakan Leblebicioglu
10:15 Hepatitis B virus. Hakan Leblebicioglu
10:45 Hepatitis E virus. Joop Arends
11:15 Interesting cases of viral hepatitis in transplantation. All
12:15 Conclusions and remarks. José M. Aguado, Oriol Manuel & Joop Arends

Faculty Members
  • Edson Abdala, São Paulo, Brazil
  • José M. Aguado, Madrid, Spain
  • Joop Arends, Utrecht, Netherlands
  • Thierry Calandra, Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Pierre Deltenre, Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Lubos Drgona, Bratislava, Slovakia
  • Vincent Emery, Surrey, United Kingdom
  • Olivier Gaide, Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Paolo Grossi, Varese, Italy
  • Hans Hirsch, Basel, Switzerland
  • Laurent Kaiser, Geneva, Switzerland
  • Irmeli Lautenschlager, Helsinki, Finland
  • Hakan Leblebicioglu, Samsun, Turkey
  • Francisco López-Medrano, Madrid, Spain
  • Oriol Manuel, Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Pascal Meylan, Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Nicolas Müller, Zurich, Switzerland
  • David Navarro, Valencia, Spain
  • Georges Pageaux, Montpellier, France
  • Manuel Pascual, Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Bernd Salzberger, Regensburg, Germany
  • Christian van Delden, Geneva, Switzerland
  • Claudio Viscoli, Genoa, Italy