ESCMID/FEMS Research Fellows

ESCMID and FEMS have agreed on a joint initiative to foster outstanding research in microbiology by young Europeans. Every year each organisation selects one individual among their research grantees to receive an additional amount of EUR 1'000 from the other organisation.

Application procedure

To be eligible for an ESCMID/FEMS Research Fellowship first apply for an ESCMID Research Grant. The ESCMID/FEMS Research Fellow will be selected from the ESCMID Research Grant recipients.

Research Grant application

ESCMID/FEMS Joint Research Fellow 2018

Natalia Muñoz-Wolf, Dublin, Ireland

FEMS/ESCMID Joint Research Fellow 2018

Diana Gutiérre, Villaviciosia, Spain

ESCMID/FEMS Joint Research Fellow 2017
Tiffany Bouchery, Lausanne, Switzerland

FEMS/ESCMID Joint Research Fellow 2017

Francesca Bottacini, Cork, Ireland

ESCMID/FEMS Joint Research Fellow 2016
Juan Manuel Pericas, Barcelona, Spain

FEMS/ESCMID Joint Research Fellow 2016

Alexander Borodavka, Leeds, United Kingdom

ESCMID/FEMS Joint Research Fellow 2015
Lidija Senerovic, Belgrade, Serbia

FEMS/ESCMID Joint Research Fellow 2015

Sergio Álvarez-Pérez, Madrid, Spain

ESCMID/FEMS Joint Research Fellows 2014
Cynthia Mira Sharma, Würzburg, Germany
M. Isabel Veiga, Braga, Portugal

FEMS/ESCMID Joint Research Fellow 2014

Martina Strittmatter, Roscoff, France

ESCMID/FEMS Joint Research Fellows 2013
Ana Raquel Freitas
Susan Howard

FEMS/ESCMID Joint Research Fellow 2013
Balázs Vajna

ESCMID/FEMS Joint Research Fellows 2012
Jacob Moran Gilad
Leif Erik Sander

FEMS/ESCMID Joint Research Fellow 2012
Alessandro Bidossi

ESCMID/FEMS Research Fellow 2011
Mariana Pinho

FEMS/ESCMID Research Fellow 2011
Maria Chiara Di Luca

ESCMID/FEMS Research Fellow 2010
Corine Geurts van Kessel

FEMS/ESCMID Research Fellow 2010
David P. Fewer

ESCMID/FEMS Research Fellow 2009
Luis Jaime Mota

FEMS/ESCMID Research Fellow 2009
Dimova Mariya

ESCMID/FEMS Research Fellow 2008
Frank Breinig

FEMS/ESCMID Research Fellow 2008
Filip Ruzicka

ESCMID/FEMS Research Fellow 2007
Paul Cotter

FEMS/ESCMID Research Fellow 2007
Isaac Corbacho

ESCMID/FEMS Reserach Fellow 2006
Surbhi Malhotra-Kumar

FEMS/ESCMID Research Fellow 2006
Laura Menotti

ESCMID/FEMS Reserach Fellow 2005
Adilia Warris

FEMS/ESCMID Research Fellow 2005
Ida Kovacs

ESCMID/FEMS Reserach Fellow 2004
Roy Sleator

FEMS/ESCMID Research Fellow 2004
Vladimir Gorbunov