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ESCMID is dedicated to supporting the career development of all those in the fields of clinical microbiology and infectious diseases. As a part of this, ESCMID offers grants to support new parents or caretakers to allow them time to support those who are dependant on them, as well as attendance grants to participate in educational courses and workshops. Find out more about what is offered and how to apply below.


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The CAREer Grant application period is scheduled to open on 22 November 2023, and will conclude on 17 January 2024.




The ESCMID CAREer Grant does not directly pay the applicant; instead, it allocates funds to cover the salary of a support personnel, such as scientific/technical staff member or assistant. The support person can work either part-time or full-time but the Grant covers the support person’s salary at an amount equal to 20 % of the recipient’s gross salary.

If the recipient is already working part-time (≤ 80 %) due to family care responsibilities, the 20 % amount of the grant is calculated based on the hypothetical salary that the grantee would earn with a 100 % workload, not based on the part-time job salary.


The grant is awarded for a maximum duration of two consecutive years and cannot exceed 20,000 EUR per year.


Who can apply


The Grant is available to applicants who plan to reduce their workload by 20 % (from 100 % to 80 %) or to those who are already working part-time (≤ 80 %) due to family care responsibilities. If the recipient is already working part-time (≤ 80 %), There is no mandatory requirement to further reduce their workload by an additional 20 %.

Eligibility criteria:


  • ESCMID Full, LMIC members or Young Scientist members
  • Applicant should have an academic basic education and currently prepare her/his thesis work or be a postdoctoral researcher (or equivalent), or an MD under training conducting research in the fields of basic/clinical microbiology, infectious diseases, and infection control
  • Applicant must be employed at a public research institute or in a public or private hospital or primary healthcare unit
  • Applicant must have at least one child below 5 years of age, or facing an unexpected situation, such as illness or the need to care for an ill/elderly parent that prevents them from working full-time


Application process


To be considered for the CAREer Grant, the applicant needs to submit the following documents:


1. A single PDF file (max. 4 MB) containing:


  • A family certificate (or equivalent) indicating the birth date of your child or providing proof of the necessary support required for your health or caring for your parents*
  • Applicant’s employment contract


* A doctor’s note, stating the name of the person needing treatment/care Details of the medical condition are not required.


2. A single PDF file (max. 4 MB) containing:


  • Applicant’s research project and planned activities (max. 2 pages)
  • Applicant’s scientific CV including list of relevant publications (max. 2 pages)
  • Recommendation/support letter from the applicants’ scientific supervisor explaining how the support will contribute to the professional development of the applicant (max. one page)
  • Motivation letter specifying how the applicant will benefit from the grant concerning his/her familial and financial situation


3. A colour photo (only JPG, TIF, EPS, max. 4MB)


Selection and notification


ESCMID Executive Committee approves and selects the applications that have been reviewed by the ESCMID Parity Commission. Notifications regarding the final selection will be sent out by the middle of March 2024.


Award and transfer of funds


The grant awarded for the first year will be transferred to the institution employing the support person immediately upon the signing of the grant agreement. Within the first two months, the recipient must provide the following documents:


  • Proof of reduction of his/her working hours (amendment of the working contract) or proof of part-time working hours
  • Proof of employment of the support personnel for a minimum of one year (working contract or amendment of the working contract)


The grant for the second year will be transferred after receiving actual proof of the grantee’s employment. Please note the following:


  • ESCMID must be informed of any changes to the grant recipient’s working conditions, or the individual receiving support. ESCMID may modify or terminate the grant if the grant conditions are no longer met
  • Scientific reports are not required
  • Any awards, publications or career advancements achieved by the applicant must be communicated to the ESCMID office


If you have any additional questions, please contact paritycommission[at]

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Two fellowships valued at 7,500$ (USD) are awarded annually for up to three months in duration.


Who can apply


  • Residents of low and lower-middle income countries outside of Europe
  • Applicant must be under 40 years of age (career breaks will be factored into the application process)


Application process


The fellowship is organised through ISID and bound to their guidelines. Please refer to the ISID website for further information on the application procedure, requirements and deadlines.


Selection and notification


Proposals will be reviewed and scored by members of ISID’s Research Committee and grants awarded in collaboration with ISID and ESCMID’s research program directors.




Attendance grants covers the registration fee for respective educational or scientific events. Please refer to the course leaflet to check whether accommodation is included or not. Travel costs will not be covered.


Who can apply


  • Everyone can apply
  • ESCMID membership increases the chance of receiving an Attendance Grant


Application process


Application opens when an ESCMID Course/Workshop or ESCMID supported event is published on the ESCMID website.


To be considered for the Attendance Grant, the applicant is required to submit a single PDF document (.pdf, max. 4 MB) that includes:


  • Motivation letter (up to 500 words)
  • CV
  • List of publications


To apply for the Attendance Grant, please visit the ESCMID calendar (for events organised or endorsed by ESCMID) or ESCMID Courses and Workshops (for online and onsite ESCMID Courses and Workshops).


Deadlines for application:


  • For ESCMID organised/supported events: one month before the event starts
  • For ESCMID Workshops/Courses: three months before the workshop/course starts


Selection and notification


A ranking list will be generated based on internal criteria.


Successful grantees will be informed by the respective event organiser (for ESCMID-organised/supported events) or the ESCMID Office (for ESCMID Courses/Workshops).


Results will be communicated within two weeks after the application deadline.