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Here you will find the Society news from 2005-2010.

16 December 2009
Presentations online from five ESCMID courses this autumn

The slides from the courses on zoonoses, antibiotic resistance, hospital epidemiology, mycology and virology are now available to ESCMID members.

This conference takes place from 18 - 19 February in Rome, Italy. The scientific programme is available online. Twelve persons will be supported with attendance grants.

Don't miss the ECCMID in Vienna from 10 - 13 April 2010! Now on the ECCMID website you can book your own flight and get 20% discounts through several airlines.

The slides from the conference on antibiotic treatment failure in the absence of antibiotic resistance from 25 - 27 November 2010 are now available to ESCMID members.

18 November 2009
ESCMID seeking a Task Force Coordinator for clinical practice guidelines

ESCMID seeks a society member to take up this position which will be pivotal in the strategy to increase our contribution to pan-European clinical guidelines. Apply by 27 November!
download call

Whilst rates of influenza, particularly the new H1N1 strain, increase in intensity and geographical spread across Europe, the roll out of the vaccination campaigns is receiving mixed levels of uptake and opposition from anti-vaccine campaigners that puts at risk public health and lives. Read more in the press release.

19 November 2009
New strains, tougher gains

Europe is not immune to the growing global threat that can be posed by an isolated outbreak of an infectious disease in a seemingly remote part of the world, and therefore needs to be prepared to prevent, control and treat emerging, and re-emerging, infectious diseases. Read Giuseppe Cornaglia's editorial in the EU Public Health Services review.

Plan your trip to Vienna now. The scientific programme includes at least: 51 official symposia, 15 educational workshops, 14 meet-the-expert sessions, 13 keynote lectures and 10 integrated symposia. Over 2800 poster presentations are expected.

The conference covered microbial pathogenesis to the discovery of antivirulence drugs and took place in Les Diablerets, Switzerland from 4 to 8 October 2009.

The workshop on Antimicrobial Resistance among Bacterial Pathogens: Mechanisms, Detection and Molecular Epidemiology took place in Cairo, Egypt from 1 to 3 October 2009.

21 October 2009
World Pneumonia Day on 2 November 2009

This neglected disease kills two million children every year - more than AIDs and measles combined. Too many children suffer and die from a disease that we know how to prevent and treat. Read about a three-tiered approach to tackling the world's deadliest killer of children: protect, treat and prevent.
download overview

20 October 2009
ESC Guidelines on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of infective endocarditis now available

These guidelines, endorsed by ESCMID and ISC, can be downloaded from the website.

19 October 2009
Two recently-posted open positions on our website

-The University Hospital of Geneva has an open research position in the fields of clinical microbiology, infectious diseases, and epidemiology.
-BD Diagnostics-GeneOhm is seeking a Project Manager in R&D in the field of microbiology.
These adverts and others can be found on the ESCMID website.

08 October 2009
Scientific programme now available for ESCMID Conference: Invasive Fungal Infections

This conference takes place from 18 - 19 February in Rome, Italy. The early bird registration deadline is 18 November 2009. Apply now and save!

29 September 2009
ESCMID Collaboration at the 3rd DICID in Beijing, China

After the successful experience of last year's edition, and as a follow up to our previous initiatives in this country, ESCMID endorsed the Ditan International Conference on Infectious Diseases held in Beijing on 30 July - 2 August 2009.
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24 September 2009
ECCMID 2010 abstract deadline - 19 November 2009

Don't miss the opportunity to get involved at ECCMID! We are now accepting abstracts. After submitting, you can apply for an ECCMID travel grant, awarded on a competitive basis.

15 September 2009
New presentations online from parasitology, biofilm and neuroinfection workshops

ESCMID Postgraduate Technical Workshop on Parasitology in Amsterdam
ESCMID Postgraduate Technical Workshop on Biofilms in Copenhagen
ESCMID Postgraduate Technical Workshop on Experimental Neuroinfection in Berne

11 September 2009
EU calls and other funding

Find updates on important European funding programmes and the latest calls for proposals.
Marie Curie Initial Training Networks (ITN)
EDCTP (TB Vaccines, HIV/AIDS Treatment)
ESF: Research Networking Programme

13 August 2009
Apply now for the ESCMID Course on Antibiotic Resistance and Healthcare-associated Infections

The registration deadline of 21 August is approaching soon! Reserve your place at the course from 21 to 23 October 2009.

04 August 2009
EU calls for Health topics in FP7

We’d like to draw your attention especially to the following Health calls with various  topics in the infection field.
- FP7-Health-2010
- FP7-AFRICA-2010

60 participants took advantage of numerous topical plenary lectures, pro-contra sessions and small-group tutorial sessions in Porto from 11 - 17 July. The next Summer School will take place in Cappadocia, Turkey.
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On 8 July 2009 the Commission adopted the proposal to increase vaccination coverage in risk groups to 75% by 2015. The proposal is available for download in English, French and German.

23 July 2009
European travellers continue to put their health at risk

ESCMID has just released a communication on travel-related illness, which will be distributed among the press to raise awareness among the public.
download press release

22 July 2009
New EUCAST website gives harmonized susceptibility testing breakpoints

Find detailed information including harmonized MIC breakpoints for all widely used agents as well as breakpoints for new agents. Information on current development of a EUCAST disk diffusion method is also given.

22 July 2009
European Council 2009 meeting

In the minutes from the 17 May 2009 meeting in Helsinki, Finland you can read about projects such as planned joint symposia with national European societies.
download minutes

15 July 2009
ECCMID 2009 Opinion Poll - 599 participated

We thank all those who took the time to fill out the poll. Numerous suggestions were given that will be evaluated for inclusion into next year's programme.
results of multiple-choice questions

05 July 2009
ESCMID participates in Latino-American workshops on antimicrobial resistance

The ESCMID/API Workshop in Caracas was a success with over 100 young participants and faculty. ESCMID delegates also travelled to northern Venezuela to participate in another workshop on bacterial resistance in hospitals.
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02 July 2009
International IACMAC/ESCMID Conference on Antimicrobial Therapy - over 1000 participants

This fifth joint conference was held on 24-26 May 2009 in Moscow, Russia. IACMAC is an ESCMID-affiliated Society, which has established programmes of regional and interregional antibiotic resistance monitoring in Russia.
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01 July 2009
Webcasts available for 2nd International Day of Fighting Infections

The webcasts of the presentations from the symposium in Malta are now available online. Well-renown speakers discussed the contagion scare in the past, present and future.

25 July 2009
For comments by the membership: ESCMID guidelines for diagnosing CDI

Members can submit comments on the draft guidelines for diagnosing Clostridium difficile infection (CDI). Please visit the members' only area on the website and login to download the file.

26 May 2009
You can apply now for Observerships!

Observerships are for ESCMID members intending to visit one of the 25 ESCMID Collaborative Centres from one day to one month to learn good clinical and/or laboratory practice. Applicants can apply now through the website.

22 May 2009
Scientific highlights from ECCMID 2009

The very latest scientific achievements and findings in diagnostics and treatment of infectious diseases were presented at the ECCMID 2009. 
Download summary of abstracts highlights
ECCMID press release

21 May 2009
6650 delegates attended the 19th ECCMID in Helsinki

Delegates from 100 countries could attend 147 oral sessions. Altogether 246 contact hours were offered. See you next year in Vienna!

20 May 2009
New Executive Committee 2009-2011

Javier Garau was inaugurated as the new ESCMID President at the Assembly of Members. New board members, Winfried Kern and Evelina Tacconelli, took office. Ragnar Norrby's and Andreas Voss's terms in the Committee ended.
download press information

20 May 2009
ESCMID awardees honoured at ECCMID

ESCMID proudly presents the 2009 recipients of the Excellence Award, Young Investigator Awards, ESCMID / bioMérieux Award, ISF Sepsis Award, Research Grants and Training Fellowships.

19 May 2009
ECCMID late breaker session on Swine Flu

Should we expect the unexpected from Influenza? The webcast for the late-breaker session on Swine Flu is now freely available on the website.
ESCMID/The Lancet press release

13 May 2009
EUCAST presentation now available

This presentation gives an overview of EUCAST and its activities.

08 May 2009
ECCMID Late Breaker Session on Swine Influenza

On Sunday, 17 May at 18.15-19.15 in Lecture Hall 1, there will be a late-breaker session on Swine Flu.

30 April 2009
ESCMID statement on Swine Flu

As the world reacts to the appearance of human cases of Swine Influenza A (H1N1), ESCMID calls for vigilance and international networking.
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23 April 2009
2nd International Day for Fighting Infection: on 23 April 2009

On the 2nd International Day for Fighting Infection experts say both hospitals and the public need to be as vigilant as ever against infection.

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21 April 2009
Assembly of Members at the ECCMID 2009

Monday, 18 May 2009, 12.45 h – 14.15 h in Helsinki.
The agenda includes amendments to the Society statutes, presentation of the new Executive Committee and inauguration of the new ESCMID President.

20 April 2009
New presentations online from ESCMID events in March

ESCMID Postgraduate Education Course on Beta-Lactamases in Ankara
ESCMID Postgraduate Technical Workshop on Clinical Parasitology in Paris

23 March 2009
Stopping tuberculosis: World TB Day on 24 March 2009

ESCMID President’s message on World TB Day: Drug-resistant tuberculosis is not being addressed sufficiently and poses a formidable challenge for the therapeutic treatment in Europe and beyond.
download press statement

03 March 2009
ESCMID is a partner in TROCAR, a new European FP7 project

In February 2009, more than 20 researchers met in Barcelona to draw up plans for the 3-year project on antimicrobial resistance and set up the work plan.

News in 2008

Here you will find the Society News from 2008 since the relaunch of the website.

24 December 2008
ESCMID election results

G. Kahlmeter, R. Read and W. Kern were elected or re-elected to the Executive Committee!


17 November 2008
Launch of new ESCMID Website

"Welcome to the new ESCMID website! Structure and navigation have been modernized and many new features and items await your visit!" Giuseppe Cornaglia, ESCMID President.

News in 2007

IMI Joint Statement

Joint Statement in support of the Proposed Joint Technology Initiative (JTI) on Innovative Medicines


Health in Europe: A Strategic Approach

Comments by the ESCMID Executive Committee on the European Commission discussion document “Health in Europe: A Strategic Approach" (12 Feb 2007)


European Commission Health Strategy Position Paper

Opinion of the FEEDAP Panel of the European Food Safety Agency (EFSA) about the criteria used to assess bacteria for resistance to antibiotics of human or veterinary importance (25 May 2005)

The EFSA Journal (2005) 223, 1-12


ESF Report on Infectious Diseases (March 2005)

Supplement to European Science Foundation Policy Briefing 24: “Research on Infectious Diseases”


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