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News in 2010

Here you will find the Society news in 2010.

The renewed Study Group is open to all individuals who are interested in human pathogenic anaerobic bacteria including diagnostic problems, pathogenesis, antibiotic resistance, typing and involvement in rare or more common infections. Microbiologists working in the field of diagnostics of oral infections are also welcome to join us and participate.

The Study Groups have now formed and are setting up various activities. To find out more or get involved, please visit their dedicated webpages.

ESGCP's annual fall newsletter includes recommendations from the ECCMID/ICC 2011 programme. To find out about the group's activities, see their newsletter.


11 December 2010
EUCAST disk test and FAQ

Since 2009 EUCAST is developing a disk diffusion test for routine antimicrobial susceptibility testing. ESCMID has decided to take responsibility for the development and upkeep of the EUCAST disk diffusion test over the forthcoming years.

EUCAST also just published a FAQ online, so you can more quickly find answers to commonly asked questions.

This newly formed ESCMID Study Group had its constitutional meeting at the 20th ECCMID in April 2010. To find out about their activities, see the Group's newsletter.

Interested in learning how another lab does a specific test or how clinical practice in ID works in a different country? These are just examples of why 41 persons have done Observerships in 2010. There is still funding left for another 20 Observership visits this year.

27 October 2010
Presentations online from three ESCMID courses this autumn

The slides from the courses on antimicrobial susceptibility testing, meningitis and influenza are now available to ESCMID members.


22 October 2010
European Trainees Day

For the first time and for all colleagues in training, ESCMID will hold the European Trainees Day on Saturday, 7 May, a day of teaching dedicated to the unique needs of trainees. This event is held on the first day of ECCMID.

Projects: genotypes of resistant thermophilic campylobacters, CMV & Epstein-Barr virus in breast cancer, clinical trial on antibiotic resistance to Gram-negatives. View these postings or enter your own request for partnership on our search platform free of charge.

The new Commission had its first meeting on 5 September discussing representation of gender, countries and minorities in CM & ID and generating an action plan. The main short-term goals of the EPC are to assess the current situation through a questionnaire and to improve balance within the Society and in its activities.

Institutions involved in a European multi-centre clinical trial (FP7) are seeking other partners. You can read this posting or enter your own request for partnership on our search platform free-of-charge.

These awards are intended to recognise and reward outstanding trainees in CM and ID. The application deadline is 10 November 2010.

“These latest reports on the rapid spread of drug-resistant bacteria reinforce the nature and size of the problem that we face,” says Professor Giuseppe Cornaglia, ESCMID President.

This expert proposal for a standardized international terminology from the ECDC is open for a 30-day period (23 July - 21 August) for public comment.
link to ECDC for more information

61 young MDs and scientists improved their knowledge on diverse topics at the highly interactive ESCMID Summer School in Cappadocia, Turkey, from 3 to 9 July 2010. Some pictures and all presentations are now online. Audio webcasts are also now available.

Helmut Mittermayer, Professor and Head of the Institute for Hygiene, Microbiology and Tropical Medicine at the Elisabethinen Hospital in Linz, Austria, unexpectedly passed away on 6 July 2010. His contributions to the Society were many and included founding ESCMID News, the first printed member newsletter and serving as the first Editor-in-Chief. We are not only losing a highly respected friend and colleague, but also one of the pillars of our organization.

At the Assembly held during the ECCMID, the officers presented last year’s successful achievements. Find the minutes on our website in the member-only area.

The EFSA has launched a call (1) to renew the membership of the ANS and CEF Panels and (2) to expand the reserve list of its Scientific Committee and its other 8 Scientific Panels. Scientists are invited to respond to the call, which closes on 15 September 2010.

PATH, the Sabin Vaccine Institute, and the Pneumococcal Awareness Council of Experts (PACE), have just released a Special Report summarizing the proceedings of the 7th International Symposium on Pneumococci and Pneumococcal Diseases (ISPPD-7) recently held in Tel Aviv, Israel from 14 - 17 March 2010.

ESCMID is pleased to welcome the Cyprus Microbiology-Biopathology Association and the Cyprus Society of Chemotherapy and Infectious Diseases as new Affiliated Societies.

The Programme Committee for ECCMID/ICC 2011 just had its first meeting. The Preliminary Programme will be available in early September when abstracts will also be accepted. Abstract deadline: 21 December 2010.

The 2009 Impact Factor for CMI is 4.014 placing the journal 11th of 57 in the Infectious Diseases ISI subject category.

The July issue of CMI includes a theme section on cystic fibrosis-related infections. Each issue includes an editorial and reviews and/or original articles on the theme topic.

Special Issue: Advances in Rickettsiology
Due to the large number of pages, this issue was published online only. ESCMID members, please visit our website, login and use the direct link to CMI.

The 3rd Infection Day held on 23 April 2010 in Florence, Italy. It covered milestones in the history of infections. Online presentations now available!

Erdal Akalin was appointed by the EC as the new responsible for practice guidelines. José Maria Miro was selected as the Chairperson for the HIV Advisory Subcommittee.

29 April 2010
ECCMID 2010 - 7635 delegates attended

Delegates from 100 countries attended 156 sessions. Altogether over 235 contact hours were offered. Abstracts and presentations from the 15 educational workshops are now online.
Awards and grants recipients also received their awards at the ECCMID.

Read the personal address of Prof Garau to the ESCMID members.

The ESCMID President, Professor Javier Garau has expressed his wish to resign from his position as President of the Society and from the Executive Committee for personal reasons.

The two new Groups focus on PK/PD of anti-infectives and implant-associated infections. They will have their start-up meetings during the ECCMID 2010 in Vienna. More information is available on their webpages.

We aim to help collaborative multi-centre research groups find potential collaborators. You can post your request for partnership and also search for new partners free-of-charge.

This course took place from 18 - 19 February in Rome, Italy. ESCMID members who missed it can view presentations in our Online Lecture Library.

The project focused on antibiotic resistance as well as epidemiological traits of the bacterial species included in the project. Most of the research is related to the genetics, biochemistry and epidemiology of antimicrobial resistance.

Sunday, 11 April 2010 from 18.15-19.30 in Vienna. The agenda will be sent to all members and includes discussion of moving ESCMID's domicile from Germany to Switzerland and presentation of awardees.

This European disk diffusion antimicrobial susceptibility test is calibrated to EUCAST clinical MIC breakpoints. New breakpoint tables and technical descriptions of method, including tables of QC targets, are now available on the EUCAST website.

In early December 2009 an inaugural meeting of a European federation of medical researchers was launched. Representatives from about thirty societies from a wide range of medical fields participated. Javier Garau, ESCMID President, participated on behalf of ESCMID.
download summary

Read about the interview with Javier Garau, ESCMID President, on swine flu vaccination in the Lancet Infectious Diseases. Reprinted with permission from Elsevier (The Lancet Infectious Diseases, 2010, Vol 10, 9).
download editorial
link to the Lancet website

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