The official mobile society app for ESCMID, and the yearly congress ECCMID

The official app of the European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ESCMID). ESCMID is a non-profit organization whose mission is to improve the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of infection-related diseases. This is achieved by promoting and supporting research, education, training, and good medical practice. Explore the society's activities, working groups, projects and events including the annual European Congress on Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ECCMID). The ESCMID app is the best place to access the online components of ECCMID and stay informed on the society’s latest initiatives.


The ESCMID app is available on the Google Play and Apple IOS stores for free.

The ECCMID 2022 event is now available within the ESCMID app.

The society at your fingertips

The ESCMID society app hosts a suite of informative tiles pertaining to Membership, our Study Groups, Educational activities, Grants and Awards and more! Here on the app users can get the latest news from the society and notifications of important dates and deadlines pushed right to your devices so you never miss anything! ECCMID, our yearly congress, makes a huge part of our society and now the ECCMID event apps will be hosted within the ESCMID society app. No more downloading a new app every year for ECCMID and trying to get used to a different design every year, you'll be able to find all ECCMID apps starting with ECCMID 2021 and now ECCMID 2022.


Your personal ECCMID experience

The new ECCMID event app is your personal assistant to help you keep track of the programme, faculty, and much more leading up to and throughout the congress. You can search through the full programme using tags like date, session types, and categories. Save your favourite sessions to your personal programme for an easy to read and follow along personal schedule of sessions. You'll never miss another session again with push notifications to your device when one of your favourite sessions is coming up letting you know to log in and get ready. Attendees can also connect with each other using the app to chat and even make appointments. The event app contains not just the programme but all information regarding ECCMID including: the floorplan, ECCMID extras, escape room, and a space dedicated to all of our Sponsors. You can go visit their profiles to see what they are up to and connect with them too.


Accompanying the mobile event app, we have a dedicated web app that you can access in your browser. It contains all the same information and links as the mobile app including the programme, faculty, and abstract information. When logged in with your ESCMID account, your data will sync between the web app and the mobile app ensuring your personal programme is accessible anywhere.


You can access the ECCMID 2022 webapp here: